Hamza Ali Abbasi’s Latest Comment About Wing Commander Abhinandan’s Son Has Divided People

By Iman Zia | 1 Mar, 2019

Hamza Ali Abbasi is the epitome of causing debate; while some commend him for his unwavering faith in his patriotism towards Pakistan, others feel like his zealous nature tends to get him in hot waters with various controversial statements he’s made in the past.


If Hamza isn’t giving shut up calls to India, 


He’s always the first one to valiantly speak out on what he thinks.

Hamza’s tirades on Twitter these days are escalating, on par with the Kashmir conflict and he’s really going all at it – even calling Modi a “rabid dog.”


He’s not stopping anytime soon, and while he is unarguably the most vocal Pakistani celebrity in the industry, we commend him for his bravery to be as vocal as he is on a social media platform like Twitter.


After our Prime Minister Imran Khan issued a statement ordering the release of the captured Indian pilot Abinandan tomorrow “as a gesture of peace,” everyone is cheering for this wonderful decision by our P.M.


Hamza Ali Abbasi, who is an avid Imran Khan fan as we all know, tweeted in response to the announcement that the Indian pilot would be released.

The actor posted a picture of the Indian pilot with his family, circling his son’s picture and saying, rather scrutinizingly to be honest; “hey lil champ! Your dad is a soldier, be proud of him” Hamza then went a little too far by then ordering the pilot’s son to ask his father “But when you do hug after he is back, ask him is war & death for Modi’s political campaign worth it? Also, ask him that don’t lil champs like u in Kashmir deserve to live in peace with thr dads? PEACE”


People felt Hamza had gone too far this time.


A few condemned him for bringing in an innocent boy into this chaotic mess.




People felt it was an invasion of privacy.






This user called for this post to be removed.


What are your thoughts on Hamza’s tweet?


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