The New Season Of ‘Pepsi Battle Of The Bands' Just Started And The Judges Are Already Giving Standing Ovations

By MangoBaaz Studio | 1 Jul, 2019

Pepsi Battle of the Bands made a comeback in Pakistan over the past few years. People all over the country fell in love with the series and, of course, all the music that came out of it. Last year, we saw ‘Bayaan’ and ‘Xarb’ battled it out in the finals, with ‘Bayaan’ taking the coveted prize. The new season starts off with that energy and the country is waiting for an equally exciting and pumped up new season.

The first episode of Season 4 is HERE and I cannot put into words how remarkable it is! 

The episode starts with the new host- Hina Altaf. Before getting into the performances we’re taken down memory lane and hear from some of the most recognized faces from the last seasons.

Source: Pepsi Battle Of The Bands / YouTube


The auditions themselves were quite INTENSE! 

First of all, we had ‘Neon’, who performed an original called ‘Muscle Car’. 

They call themselves a ‘Neo Rock’ Band and well, you can say they lived up to that name. Their performance was spectacular and the judges seemed to approve!

Source: Pepsi Battle Of The Bands / YouTube


Next, we had a band with quite an interesting story- Starzone.

The founders of the band came to Pakistan from Canada in order to win the competition. They flew in, formed their band and finally, found themselves as the Pepsi Battle Of The Bands Stage!

Source: Pepsi Battle Of The Bands / YouTube


Then we had ‘Auj’, an underground band that really knocked the socks off the judges. 

The band had been struggling since 2009 but were pretty sure they were about to get their big break. They performed their song, ‘Lafz’, and to their immense pleasure, the judges gave them a standing ovation. We weren’t expecting to see one so soon in the game, but here we have it!

Source: Pepsi Battle Of The Bands / YouTube


The stage was then rocked by the rock band, Skelaj!

Their energy was infectious to watch and their performance was equally energetic! They performed an original, ‘Dam E Dastageer‘, and were shortlisted for the next round by the judges!

Source: Pepsi Battle Of The Bands / YouTube


‘Aarish’, a band from last year’s season, made a comeback this year. 

They set out to improve themselves given the notes the judges had given them. They performed their hearts out and the judges were truly impressed and happy to see their improved version shine.

Source: Pepsi Battle Of The Bands / YouTube


‘Mousiqa’ performed a cover of a Noor Jehan song, ‘Bindi’. 

This classical number was brought to life yet again, but this time by a younger band. Covers can be tricky but Mousiqa knocked it out of the park, that too with nods of approval from the judges.

Source: Pepsi Battle Of The Bands / YouTube


The next band to perform had quite an interesting name- ‘Jhoot’!

They performed a cover of ‘Gardish’ by Karavan. Much like Skelaj, they were mystifying to watch as they performed on stage!

Source: Pepsi Battle Of The Bands / YouTube


The last band to perform, and definitely not the least, was Seismic Tremors, who truly did shake things up. 

They too performed a cover of a classic song; ‘Sanwal Morr Moharran‘ By Ustad Salamat Ali Khan. What made them stand out was the rap they incorporated into the song, giving it new life and a whole new groove! You best believe that the judges sent this band to the next round.

Source: Pepsi Battle Of The Bands / YouTube


While a lot of bands went through, a lot did not as well! The music showcased in this episode was absolutely amazing! Seeing their performances only makes us more excited to see what the rest of this season has in store for us!

Watch the episode here and tell us which band you loved the most!

This post is sponsored by Pepsi Pakistan

Cover Photo Courtesy: Pepsi Battle Of The Bands / YouTube

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