19 Times Pakistanis Went Too Far in 2015

19 Times Pakistanis Went Too Far in 2015

19 Times Pakistanis Went Too Far in 2015

As we wrap up yet another eventful year for Pakistan, let’s take a look at the times when some of you went a little too cray cray about things that shouldn’t really have bothered many.

Here are the times Pakistanis went a little too far, this past year:


1. When Komal Rizvi took this selfie and a world of memes was born

Source: Komal Rizvi Via: Express Tribune


2. When Ayyan Ali did time behind bars and the media couldn’t stop talking about her

They were a jail’s bars, to be very clear.

Source: BBC


3. When Imran Khan was a bachelor no more and Meera could not believe he didn’t pick her

Source: Miss Pakistan World

Yup, this happened.


4. When Imran Khan was a bachelor again and the world couldn’t believe it was so quick

Yeah, it was not just Pakistanis, the who whole world, was shocked at the quick blow this sad event dealt them.

Source: NDTV

Consolation: It was longer than Kim Kardashian’s 72 day marriage, at least.


5. When Saif Ali Khan, who isn’t Pakistani, did not have faith in Pakistan and Pakistanis were angry for no reason

An inconsequential actor, who has no effect on the foreign policy of any country, made a statement that was sure to get him free publicity was given so much importance that even if someone (read: me) didn’t know about his movie, they felt intrigued to see it.

Source: Deccan Chronicle


6. The whole #LoveWins controversy that pitted burgers against the bun kebabs of the nation

It was a law that was applied on land is 12, 346 Kilometers away from us. Guess some people just hate colorful rainbows.

Source: Reuters


7. When Pakistanis gave Hamza Ali Abbasi more importance than the much bigger concern of climate change

It is reported that Pakistan is going to be the worst hit in the region because of climate change. We can already see that with floods, heatwaves and whatnot and yet Hamza Ali Abbasi deserves more status updates, video views and our social media activism.

download (2)Source: Sarmad Amer


8. When “well respected” aunties went all Hunger Games over some clothes

The same ladies who feel icky letting their maids sit on the same dinner table, showed how well respected they are.

Source: Khadija Shah Via: Twitter


9. When Kit Kat launched a talcum teclum powder in Pakistan

Axcuze me, yes we’re going to milk this as long as we can.


For the record, this isn’t an actual Kit Kat product.


10. When a pigeon from Pakistan caused massive stress to Indian authorities

Source: The Rooster


11. When Meera threw yet another tantrum

While this behavior sounds like a medical condition and someone should help the poor lady if that is the case, we hope it was just another tactic to stay relevant and it is all for our entertainment.

Source: Express Tribune


12. When some women playing a harmless game of cricket became a huge controversy and a media circus

Via: Twitter


13. When Qandeel Baloch suffered from a migraine

Dubsmash heaven.

[fbvideo link=”https://www.facebook.com/OfficialQandeelBaloch/videos/685584671586288/” width=”500″ height=”400″ onlyvideo=”1″]


14. When this guy didn’t know how to eat a Biryani

Yup, a Pakistani (not a gora who hasn’t heard of Biryani before but a Pakistani) didn’t know how to eat Biryani. Can’t even.

photo-450Via: Instagram


15. When Ayesha Mumtaz introduced us to cleanliness

Source: Express Tribune


16. When this guy had to prioritize his friendships

Source: Asif Raza Rana


17. When students at a university celebrated “Sibtain Day

Source: Ali Naeem Sheikh


18. When Ayesha Sana was not bright enough

Brighter the better, boys. Always remember.


19. When Nargis Fakhri caused some discomfort to “upright” Pakistanis

Source: News World India


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