So, The Supreme Court Just Acquitted A Man For Killing His Barber With Scissors. Yup, Scissors.

By Aam Nawab | 30 Jan, 2019

Don’t even know what to say. 

Earlier today, the Supreme Court acquitted a man who was responsible for killing his barber with a pair of scissors.

Source: Samaa TV

Yep, word for word.

An Abdul Khaliq from Rajanpur allegedly killed his barber, Mazhar Hussain back in 2007. Khaliq was initially given a sentence of execution and a fine of Rs.0.1 Million which was later changed to life-imprisonment and a standing fine. However currently, as of today, Khaliq has been acquitted.

Can you just imagine how much you would have to hate your barber to want to kill him? Fine, many of us may end up with haircuts sometimes that are less than flattering but murder? That’s a bit much.

In fact, according to case details, the defendant’s case wasn’t very different from a scene in a Mafia movie.

Source: Pinterest

Allegedly, Khaliq’s father, Huzoor Bakash went to Mazhar’s shop for a trim. However, instead of cutting his beard, Mazhar trimmed Bakash’s head. Khaliq, Bakash’s son, was so angered by the mistake that he grabbed a pair of Mazhar’s shops scissors and immediately killed him.

Khaliq did confess to committing the crime when the case was being handled by the Trial Court however now, according to the Supreme Court, he is now free to walk away as it has been deemed by the Court that Khaliq’s actions were due to a sudden scuffle between two people, which he had completed his time for.

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Cover photo source: ARY News/Pinterest

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