13 Pakistani Drinks That Will Save You From The Intense Garmi Right Now

By Ali Gul | 31 May, 2016

Brace yourself, for the summer is upon us.

Which means, it’s going to be hot, it’s going to be stuffy, it’s going to be humid and there will be sweat marks EVERYWHERE. But, don’t you worry, the mangoes have you covered. As the temperatures hit the roof, we’ve come up with some very refreshing Pakistani drinks to help you cool off.



1. Sattu

Source: Mukti’s Kitchen

Mix barley seeds with water and sugar or run to the nearest street vendor – whatever you choose to do, this drink is your number one bae. You can substitute water with milk or spice it up by adding fruit and lemon. The recipe for Sattu varies for each region but the end product still remains baray hee mazay ki.

2. Lassi

Source: Native Pakistan

Ahhhh…Lassi! This drink doesn’t need any introductions. It’s more popular than Justin Bieber and Atif Aslam combined.

3. Doodh soda 

doodh soda
Source: Tumblr

This is perhaps the most refreshing way to get your quick milk fix during the summer. All you need is a tall glass of milk, sloosh some Sprite, tinkle with ice and sugar, blend blend blend. And off you go.

4. Gannay ka juice

gannay ka juic
Source: eathealthystayhealthy

Fun Fact: Rouh is the national drink of Pakistan. While it has many health benefits, it’s most popular for refreshing you in under ten seconds.

5. Rabri Doodh

Source: Chuck Manley

A true desi will tell you that a chilled glass of Rabri Doodh is better than… well most things. This bubbly, creamy milk beverage is to die for. The name originates from the amazing milk dessert called Rabri.

6. Zeera sharbat

zeera sharbat
Source: manjulaskitchen

If you’re holding on to your zeera just for that tarka, you’re clearly missing out. Put it to good use and whip up this majestic thirst quencher. You won’t be disappointed.

7. Tarbooz e Afza

Source: Wikipedia

Instead of just the regular old watermelon juice, spice it up by adding a tablespoon (or two if you like to extra sweet) of Rooh Afza, lemon, crushed ice and you’ve got Tarbooz e Afza!

8. Iced Chai

iced chai
Source: dancewhileyoucook

Surely, you’ve heard of iced teas and iced coffees, but the true Pakistani national drink chai can also be iced. Just add some extra sugar and loads of ice for a refreshing caffeine fix in this hot summer weather.

9. Faalsa Juice

falsa juice
Source: Daraz Via: Instagram

Faalsa might be native to South Asia but let’s just claim they are as Pakistani as you and I. You best make good use of this native produce by turning it into a deliciously refreshing cuppa. Blend some fresh faalsa with ice, water, maybe sugar to taste, and a bit of kaala namak for that extra kick of flavor.

10. Badam ka sharbat

badam sharbat
Source: momrecipes

While you can easily get a prepackaged badam ka sharbat from the market, try prepping at home by getting some almonds, soaking them in water overnight and then cooking them up with some sugar, ilaichi and spices for a refreshing treat at home.

11. Mango shake

mango shake
Source: Daily Ampersand

What’s the next best way of consuming mangoes in Pakistan, other than feasting on them raw? Guzzling that mango shake, mango lassi or mango margaritas! Omnomnom.

Also, how could you not get a mango drink recommendation from MangoBaaz?

12. Infused Water

Source: Life as an Investment

Citrus fruits are inherently refreshing. Not only that, they also flush out toxins and give your skin an extra glow. Try adding cucumber, lemon, watermelon or any citrusy fresh fruit you can get your hands on, to water and let it sit overnight. Add some mint for an extra zing.

13. Neembu Paani

Source: healthy-drinks

There’s beauty in simplicity and this drink proves just that. The best upgrade to the simple ol’ lemonade is adding some Sprite to it for an extra refreshing kick.

Anything we missed?


Cover Image via: Cook Click n Devour

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