Students Of Bahria University Are Pissed At The Management Yet Again, Aur Ab Toh Hadd Hogai

By Anoosha Rehan | 2 Oct, 2019

students of Bahria University are calling out its admin yet again

Lately, Bahria University has been in a lot of limelight, and not in a good way. As they are trying to clear up that mess, a recent incident has yet again brought them in spotlight and students are pissed.


With the ongoing cricket series of Pakistan and Sri Lanka, the traffic situation is causing a lot of distress people in the surrounding areas

Bahria University Karachi Campus is very close to the national stadium, where currently cricket matches are being held. Although university has allowed the students to leave at 1 pm, nothing seems to be working out. Because of the traffic jam, students have to wait hours to reach to the university or even have to walk miles to reach their destination. Students are pissed as to why classes are being held, knowing the ongoing circumstances.


Students of Bahria University have written an open letter to the administration narrating the utter pain they have been put through

To,The Administration of Bahria University Karachi Campus,Today the students of your university went through…

Gepostet von Seirut Javed am Montag, 30. September 2019


They shared how stressful the whole ordeal was for them because the administration couldn’t pay heed to what they were asking for

Knowing that the roads would be closed, it was absurd at administration’s end to expect students report to university, students thought.

So many of my friends and classmates had to walk long distances in this heat because Bahria University decided that its…

Gepostet von Muzna Waseem am Montag, 30. September 2019

Source: Seirut Javed / Facebook


Bahria University students even listed a number of ways they tried reaching the university given the traffic situation

It was highlighted how everyone had to suffer to take the mandatory classes. Some had to wait long hours to reach to university while some had to take 30 minutes walk to take classes, knowing how unsafe roads can be. Students with disabilities had to suffer great deal while the management was oblivious about it. Not only did the students, but the families, too, had to go through such a stressful event.

Source: Seirut Javed / Facebook


Attention was brought back to similar past events but the administration has seemed to learn nothing from it

The university administration was urged to be empathetic and come up with logical solutions to deal with this issue.

Source: Seirut Javed / Facebook


The students are demanding safe conditions for students to study in, and well isn’t that a basic right?

Source: Muzna Waseem / Facebook

It looks like Bahria University really need to seriously look toward the hiring process for its administration and those that they put in charge of student affairs. After all, a university is made for the students and if such a high level educational institution keeps fumbling in serving its students properly, it really needs to review what exactly it’s doing wrong.

What do you think about the plight of Bahria students? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


Cover image via: faizanali04 / YouTube

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