Lahoris Can't Stop Trolling Karachiites After The Cricket Stadium Was Mostly Empty During The Match Yesterday

By Janita Tahir | 1 Oct, 2019

Lahoris trolling Karachiites has started a hilarious new city war

Friday, September 27th, was an important moment in Pakistani Cricket as the Sri Lankan team came to play their first ODI in Karachi after 10 years. This marked the revival of cricket in the city but some Lahori fans can’t stop trolling them.


Pakistanis were excited about the match last night because it was the first ODI in Karachi after 10 years

Captain Sarfaraz Ahmed urged everyone to buy tickets and be at the stadium to cheer the team.


However,  when the match started it came as a surprise to many that the cricket stadium was almost empty

Pakistanis had thought that there would be a lot of people who would come out and watch the match but alas it was a bad crowd day!


This started a hilarious city war between Lahoris and Karachiites

The Lahoris trolled Karachiites for not attending the match and because only 20% of the tickets were sold, whereas Lahoris had fought over their tickets in the excitement to see the match.


Lahoris said that Karachiites were all talk no show

After all, the people of Karachi had made a lot of noise for a match to be held in their city but when it actually happened, they weren’t there to cheer on the team.


After Lahoris trolled them, Karachiites defended themselves with equal vigor

They said the reason a lot of people couldn’t attend the match was because it was a working day and they had their jobs to tend to.


Some blamed the PCB for poor marketing

Scheduling the match on a Monday was already a bad idea and if it didn’t even have any hype around it, how would the people know what to expect?


Others assured that slowly the crowd will build-up

Karachiites pointed out that as the day goes by the number of people in the audience will surely increase and that it’s just a matter of time.


Meanwhile, some people were just done with the city wars between Lahoris and Karachiites

Because really, a fight between two cities just because of this does seem very petty.

Funny banter aside, both the cities belong to the same country and this match is a moment of victory for Pakistan. We are proud of our country and hope for it to reach new milestones.

What are your thoughts on all of this new banter between Lahoris and Karachiites? Let us know in the comments.


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Cover Image Via: / @TheRealPCB via Twitter

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