Maleeha Lodhi Was Replaced By Munir Akram At The UN And Some Pakistanis Are Not Happy

By Sana Yasmeen | 1 Oct, 2019

Maleeha Lodhi being replaced by Munir Akram so suddenly is raising a lot of concerns

Prime Minister Iran Khan recently came back from the US after attending the 74th session of the UN General Assembly. His trip, particularly his powerful speech at the UN General Assembly, is being hailed ass a big victory. However a sudden announcement is making a lot of people question the claims of a successful UN trip.


Dr. Maleeha Lodhi was just replaced by Munir Akram as the permanent representative of Pakistan at UN and people have a lot of concerns

Munir Akram has already served as Pakistan permanent representative to the United Nations from 2002-2008, under President General Pervez Musharraf, after serving in a similar position to the UN in Geneva from 1995 to 2002.


Speculations regarding why Maleeha Lodhi was replaced by Munir Akram started making rounds

People have so many thoughts as to why this is a good step and the reasons why Maleeha Lodhi was removed from her office immediately after PM Khan came back from his visit to the UN.


A lot of people are also concerned with Munir Akram being accused of domestic violence against his girlfriend, in the US

In 2003, Munir Akram’s then-girlfriend Marijana Mihic called the Manhattan police to report Munir Akram for violence assault against her. However, the charges were dropped after a month.

The arrests weren’t made, allegedly, because of his political immunity at that time for holding a high-profile diplomatic office.


Unsurprisingly, people across the Wagah also raised questions about this appointment

Funnily, Indians seemed rather concerned and believed that Munir Akram’s “anti-Indian” personality might be the sole reason for appointing him.



People are calling the replacement of Maleeha Lodhi with Munir Akram as a bad decision

Only time will tell. Also, the government isn’t afraid of taking u-turns so maybe if the backlash on this appointment is string enough, we may see another u-turn?



Sarcastic, snide comments were made about his “girlfriend beater” status

beat, hit & Munir Akram in the same sentence? Oh-kay!


There are, however, some people who’re really glad about this decision

Some people felt glad about this decision & believed he would prove to be brilliant.


But concerns regarding the timings of this sudden change are valid


What do you think about replacing Maleeha Lodhi with Munir Akram as the permanent representative of Pakistan at the UN? Share your insights in the comments below.



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