Bahria University Is Back With Yet Another WTF Notification And Honestly, Yeh Theek Toh Hain?

By Maryam Khalid | 15 Sep, 2019

Bahria University has a knack of being in news for its bizarre rules. Previously, it became a laughing stock due to its idiotic notification of a 6-inch gap between opposite genders. Adding a feather to its cap, it came up with the most brilliant rule to prevent females from using the campus cafeterias.

Well, this is still not the end! In the newly issued notification, Bahria University ordered gender segregation in classrooms as well as group projects.

Gender segregation is not the only problematic thing that Bahria University has to offer. The notification also states that the time table of students would be designed in such a manner to prevent them from having a recess. In addition, the academic load would also be increased!

If you dont believe me, take a look at the notification yourself.

Via: Twitter

Okay, so it’s a co-ed university, but it is ordering for gender segregation, even in group projects. Secondly, it denies students even the harmless recess period and limits their movement. And thirdly, it wants to increase the academic load for NO APPARENT REASON AT ALL?

Pakistanis are totally losing their shit over this.

Something is seriously wrong with the administration.

What are they preparing students for, exactly?

Yep, back to olden times, it seems.

Such regressive policies can never benefit the students and the university. What is your take on this issue?


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