After Mahira, Firdous Jamal Just Trolled Imran Ashraf's Acting But Imran’s Response Is Epic

By Anoosha Rehan | 1 Oct, 2019

Firdous Jamal went after Imran Ashraf after criticizing Mahira recently

Firdous Jamal had recently found himself in the middle of controversy after criticizing Mahira Khan for her acting and just when we thought he might have learned his lesson he’s passed another comment on another relevant actor – Imran Ashraf. Imran Ashraf’s commendable performance as Bhola in Ranjha Ranjha Kardi has been the talk of town, but it seems like Firdous Jamal isn’t very happy about it.


In a recent interview Firdous Jamal critiqued Imran Ashraf for his acting, saying it was pretentious and not spontaneous

He said Imran Ashraf merely ‘acted’ while a lot of actors in the past have ‘behaved’ in such roles.


Imran Ashraf responded back urging his fans to hold back their negative comments

Could anyone be more humble?

Source: @imranashrafawan / Instagram


His fans were moved by the decency shown by Imran Ashraf and said he was nothing less than a gem

They praised and respected him for the exceptional human being that Imran Ashraf is. Bhola truly is a real life hero.

Source: @divamagazinepakistan / Instagram


Fans were also furious about how senior actors are supposed to mentor junior actors yet they cannot stop bringing them down

Source: @divamagazinepakistan / Instagram


Some think Firdous Jamal went after Imran Ashraf because he’s trying to stay relevant after his Mahira controversy brought him attention

Source: @divamagazinepakistan / Instagram

Despite Firdous Jamal’s insensitive and harsh comments on the acting of Imran Ashraf, Imran acted like a gentleman in his response, respecting his senior actor. However, just because actors respect him out of his seniority, it’s not right on Firdous Jamal’s part to throw around negativity about younger, relevant actors like that.

What do you think about Firdous Jamal’s comments? Let us know in the comments below.


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