We Met Mr. Axcuze Me, Ate the Shami Burger and This is What We Thought

By Sarmad Amer | 21 Dec, 2015

Everyone knows of the great Mr. Axcuze Me. Yeah, the same guy who made Kit Kat and talcum teclum powders famous in Pakistan, again.

11421462_607311546039233_682300783_nSource: Sarcasmistan


Well, he resurfaced again recently


And this time, selling burgers. Shami burgers, to be specific.


So we decided to check out the burgers

The restaurant Mr. Axcuze Me (real name: Waseem Hassan Sheikh, but, honestly, who cares) starred in the ad for is called “Johnny & Jugnu”. They’re an up and coming fast food restaurant in Lahore who offer a couple different kind of burgers and wraps with a collection of their signature sauces to choose from. They launched the ad featuring the infamous model for their new menu item – Shami Burger.

Because the ad caught Pakistani social media by storm and because, well, burgers, we decided to go check out what all the hype was about.

Upon reaching the tiny establishment, nestled in a quieter corner of the DHA neighborhood of Lahore, which is basically a takeaway and delivery place, we were greeted by one of the owners of the place and he recommended us a couple things from the menu.

Of course, we got the shami burger with Chipotle sauce. We also got the chicken fillet burger with Greek sauce, which, as we were told, is their best seller.


This is what we thought of the food


The shami burger: we felt that, while taste wise it was actually pretty decent, the texture of the shami patty did not sit well with us. Maybe we were expecting a real beef patty, instead of a mince, or maybe we’re just too burger to appreciate a kebab wala burger.

The Chipotle sauce, which has a taste that reminds one of the Big Mac, was actually very good, even though it wasn’t the best compliment to this particular patty.

The chicken fillet burger: Loved this one. The patty was not as oily as a certain international fried chicken chain and it was meaty.

The Greek sauce that came in the burger complimented the patty very well. It was essentially a honey mustard sauce, which does go very well with chicken.

A word about their buns: while it must be appreciated that the buns did not fall apart from the sauces and juices of the meat, some of us felt that a slight buttered glaze would give not only a nice crunch to the bite but also a more enhanced taste.


We were greeted with an appearance by the man himself at the restaurant



And we were blown away by the star power



Here’s Mr. Axcuze Me’s message just for all you lovely mangoes

You can reach out to the restaurant’s Facebook page here.


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