Someone Asked People To Act Like A Faisalabadi And Savage Faisalabadi Juggatein Came Pouring In

By Noor | 5 Aug, 2020

Faisalabadi juggatein are savage

If you think that Faisalabad is only famous for its ghanta ghar aur aath bazar then I’m afraid, you don’t know anything about this city, my friend. The city is also famous for its Faisalabadis who are known for their witty replies or more commonly called, juggatein and also for their love of Punjabi stage shows. If you have a Faisalabadi friend then you definitely know what I’m talking about.

If you still haven’t figured it out then let’s introduce you to some typical Faisalabadi responses to give you a better insight into these top notch juggatein:


A Twitter user asked her followers to ‘act’ like Faisalabdis by tweeting out some typical Faisalabadi responses

Twitter user @ByeArmish asked people to respond as a person from Faisalabad would and they did not hold back.


Of course, Faisalabadi Twitter promptly responded with some typical juggatein and hilarity ensued

For starters, here’s one REALLY typical Faisalabadi behavior.  Basically, someone posted a clip of the songs a Faisalabadi would listen to while driving:


Now here comes the famous bus driver and the Faisalabadi juggatein that will make you burst into laughter


Faisalabadi juggatein are hilarious but the accented language of us Faisalabadis just makes them even better

I mean, look at this shista Punjabi with a tint of Urdu in it.


No relationship, I repeat, no relationship was spared by the Faisalabadis and their savage juggatein in the replies, be it pa’en(sister) or mamu


A few also highlighted the love-hate relationship between Faisalabadis and Lahore


People were equally keen on Faisalabadi pronounciation as they were on Faislabadi juggatein 

Like, for example, many in Faisalabad (and of course, other parts of the country, it’s not a Faislabad-only thing, it’s just famously become associated with us) commonly call “spray” as “sa-pray“. As pointed out by this user too, it is habb-bbas and not habs when you’re in Faisalabad.


Faisalabadi juggatein also never shy away from body shaming people and people didn’t forget to include these descriptions of the physical features of a person as a typical Faisalabadi would say


Their jokes about giving directions to the people were also a part of the replies


Faisalabadis kept on showcasing their ‘skills’ by tweeting out hilarious juggatein

So, this was all about it. Do you also have some Faisalabadi juggatein to share?  Drop them in the comments below.


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Cover image via: @ByeArmish and @AaTeryJinnKadaa via Twitter /

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