Police In Faisalabad Is Now Giving Electric Shocks To People For Not Wearing Masks And That's Crazy

By Maryam Khalid | 9 Jun, 2020

Police in Faisalabad are now giving electric shocks if you don’t wear your masks

We hate to break it to you, but the coronavirus situation in the country is pretty much out of control. You’d know if you’ve been following the news, too. After months of carelessness the Government is finally appearing to try to implement some sort of SOPs after having finished the lockdown. With this have come unique activities being undertaken by various members of the Government. While you may know about the Governor of Punjab using the help of TikTok stars to spread coronavirus awareness, you probably don’t know about what the Faisalabad police is doing. Well, here you go:


So, the police in Faisalabad is tasing the public to make sure they don’t forget their masks the next time they are out

For anyone who is not wearing masks is getting the ”shock” of their lives. The Faisalabad Police is using taser rods on citizens not complying with the most basic SOP.


People on the internet are incredulous at this sort of ”punishment” by the police in Faisalabad


This is not all, violators are also being made to stand against a wall as their punishment

I am not sure whether to laugh or cry at this but school ke din yaad aa gaye 😂.


It’s been difficult to implement SOPs and get the public to follow up because neither this country’s leadership, nor the population has been serious about taking proper precautions

The government has not always been on top of providing reliable information. There are videos of Prime Minister Imran Khan circulating where he used to label coronavirus as just a ”flu” and urging the citizens not to worry. Now he is the one accusing the public of spreading the flu as there is no social distancing. All the questionable decisions like opening public transport, mosques, and Supreme Court ordering to open malls, despite the severe criticism by the “ashrafia” that our leaders taunted, have definitely contributed to where we are now.

In light of the crisis that we are facing, the use of force like taser guns seems like a desperate but misguided attempt to regain control. At a time when our leadership and law enforcement should become humble, guiding forces for the entire country they are out to implement even more fascist policies to try and “tame” the population and that’s absolutely unacceptable.

If you’re disappointed with how our leaders have dealt with coronavirus rant in the comments below.


Cover image via Samaa TV

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