Aima Baig Opened Up About Her Relationship, And Her New Song With Haadi Uppal In This Exclusive Interview

By Fatima A | 9 Jun, 2020

Aima Baig dished on her relationship and her amazing new video with Haadi Uppal

Aima Baig isn’t only exceptionally beautiful but also a vocal powerhouse. Just in a short span of time, Aima has managed to release a huge number of memorable pop anthems and solidified a name for herself in the Pakistani music industry. Her most recent single, a collaboration with talented newcomer Haadi Uppal definitely doesn’t disappoint either. Titled, ”Te Quiero”, the catchy pop number not only has the most beautiful melody, but it also has the most dreamy music video ever.


Aima Baig came together with Haadi Uppal in an exclusive chat with MangoBaaz about her upcoming music video


Featuring Aima and Haadi as love interests, the video is an incredibly fresh take on contemporary romance

The adorable duo play a modern day couple and the music video is basically a complication of numerous cute and goofy moments between them.

Tbh, the whole thing is so frickin’ cute and we can’t help but swoon.


Going in depth about the making of the song and its unique title, Haadi reveals that he was quite inspired by the songs ”Senorita” and ”We Don’t Talk Anymore”.

However, there was nothing that was really clicking with the melody he had in his mind so he went to his father, THE Shiraz Uppal, for advice who suggested the word, ”hola”. This led to them going down a road of Spanish words and he eventually stumbled upon the phrase ”Te Quiero” which he decided to make the title of his song.

source: MangoBaaz/Instagram

Speaking about the entire song making process and working along side his collaborator, Aaima Baig, Haadi had nothing but nice things to say. He revealed that since Aima was launched by his dad in the industry, they’ve actually been friends for ages now. Thus, because of their great off screen chemistry, he had no nervousness or goosebumps on set and the whole thing felt so natural which is why it translates so beautifully on screen.

Haadi also gave some insight on nepotism in the music industry and shared the how having a famous father impacted his music career. Candidly, Haadi acknowledged how being Shiraz Uppal’s son definitely has its perks and he definitely owes a lot of his success to his father.

However, he also talked about the pressures that come along with this and how the constant comparisons to his father drive him to work even harder so that he can prove he deserves to be in the industry on personal merit a well. Ultimately though, he takes the whole situation as a blessing and believes that he wouldn’t have worked as hard were he not Shiraz Uppal’s son. During the live session, Haadi also shared his future projects. He spoke about how his vocals will be featured in songs for a few upcoming movies and that he plans to release some solo music as well.


Later, Aima Baig joined the session and shared her experience on working on the song with Haadi

source: MangoBaaz/Instagram

She revealed that while the two had known each other for years, she was quite unaware of her friends musical talent until recently.

Upon hearing a song by Haadi, she was blown away by his singing and had been eager to work with him. Collaborating on ”Te Quiero” alongside him was really exciting for her and she loved the whole experience. Moreover, she elaborated that her choice to do the song was due to the fact that she was drawn to the fact that the song featured three languages and also contained lyrical translations for them.


During the live, Aima Baig also got extremely candid about her relationship and divulged details about her equation with her alleged beau, Shahbaz Shigri

She revealed that there was almost an instant click between the two upon their very first meeting. Disclosing that while she is typically not someone who talks a lot, Shahbaz and her had so much in common and he made her feel so comfortable in their very first meeting that she couldn’t stop talking. She immediately realized that he was someone she could count on and rely on based on that first meeting.


Aima Baig also shared her thoughts about being open about her relationship and why she doesn’t hide behind the ”just friends” label unlike her contemporaries

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Rollin’ with the homie @shahbazshigri

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While clarifying that her partner is also her best friend, Aima told MangoBaaz that the couple’s choice to be public with their relationship was never a planned out decision. She revealed that the two just went with the flow and weren’t really concerned with what other people had to say about their bond.


Towards the end of the live session, Aima shared a bunch of her favorite Pakistani singers with us also

source: MangoBaaz/Instagram

She listed Atif Aslam, Asim Azhar and Ali Sethi as her favorite male vocalists while Momina Mustehsan, Quratulain Baloch, Meesha Shafi and Abida Perveen made it on her list for favorite female vocalists.

The inclusion of several female names by Aima is a refreshing revelation considering the recent feud sparked by Ushna Shah which pitted female vocalists against each other and we’re loving the display of girl love on here.


You can watch in the complete live session here and don’t forget to watch Aima Baig and Haadi Uppal in their stunning new song

What did you think of the entire conversation? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.


Cover image via:@aima_baig_official / Instagram

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