Drinking Sanna Makki To Treat Coronavirus Can Actually Be Very Dangerous. Here's What Actual Doctors Have To Say

By Rameeza Ahmad | 8 Jun, 2020

Is sanna makki really a cure for coronavirus?

The Covid-19 outbreak really jolted the country initially however, as the lockdown has slowly eased up, people’s attitudes towards the disease also seemed to get more lax. While a large part of the country still refuses to believe that this is a pandemic, our Supreme Court saying that there is no pandemic and our Prime Minister and his Government’s false messaging doesn’t help either. In this time of confusion, desi totkay have emerged as a popular way to alleviate symptoms.


One of the most popular desi totka to have emerged recently is drinking Sanna Makki to treat coronavirus

Sanna Makki or Senna leaves, from the plant Cassia Sena, are a herbal remedy that have been used for a long time to treat constipation. It’s a mystery from where the theory of Sanna Makki leaves being able to cure Covid-19 actually began but it’s safe to assume it went viral because of social media.

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People have been trying to procure the leaves all over the country and drinking tea steeped from Sanna Makki to treat coronavirus has become a popular totka among Pakistanis



Governor of Sindh, Imran Ismail also said that Sanna Makki cured his coronavirus and soon after it became a popular myth among Pakistanis

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So to get clarity on how effective Sanna Makki really is in treating coronavirus, we spoke to actual doctors and here’s what they have to say

Dr. Dua Rao, whose own mother tested positive for Covid-19, said that using Sanna Makki isn’t a good idea because she tried it herself to see what it would do. She said she suffered from severe abdominal cramps. Her friend who had tried it reported suffering from severe diarrhea which makes sense because it is a laxative.

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If you give Sanna Makki to someone who has underlying heart condition, hypertension or kidney issues you will cause more damage than good

Since their electrolyte levels will be negatively effected because of the diarrhea that follows. Diarrhea can cause really bad dehydration, it will end up exhausting the patient and potentially send them to hypertensive shock if they have underlying heart conditions. Even the UK’s National Health Service has labeled it as a medication for constipation and not to be given to everybody.

Dr. Omer Khan said that people suffering from mild Covid-19 symptoms and were managing the infection in several other ways as well as drinking Sanna Makki tea. And once the symptoms alleviate, they think it’s Sanna Makki working its magic.

Source: hubpages.com

Dr. Ahmad said that a statement by a public figure such as the governor saying that for him, covid-19 was cured by using Sanna Makki leaves is highly irresponsible. There is no established link between Sanna Makki leaves as a treatment for covid-19. His recovery could easily be explained by good health, a strong immune system and a good diet and probably not because of Sanna Makki.


Here’s what you can safely drink if you’re suffering from coronavirus

As for what people could drink to treat coronavirus, Dr. Dua suggested drinking ginger tea instead of Sanna Makki because it boosts immunity and helps soothe a sore throat. She also suggested yakhni or bone broth as it’s a nutritious healthy drink that helps boost immunity, as well without the chances of diarrhea.

Source: inspiredtaste.net

All the doctors suggested a clean diet with a lot of protein and fluid intake.

So there you have it, folks! Sanna Makki tea is a not a magical cure all for Covid-19 and is not an alternative to social distancing and self isolation.

Please stay safe and do proper research before you take any home remedies for coronavirus!


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