Nida Yasir And Yasir Nawaz Have Allegedly Tested Positive For Coronavirus And Fans Are Pissed

By Rameeza Ahmad | 23 May, 2020

Nida Yasir and Yasir Nawaz have allegedly tested positive for coronavirus and people are extremely shocked.

It is being reported that morning show host Nida Yasir and her husband Yasir Nawaz have tested positive for the coronavirus. Nida hosts a morning show on ARY Digital, that aired during the ongoing lockdown.

Nida Yasir and her husband Yasir Nawaz along with her morning show crew tested positive for Corona Virus. We wish them a speedy recovery.

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As the government has now eased lockdowns and even shopping malls are to open up, it is not surprising that cases are on the rise and we see more and more people being infected with the virus. As soon as the lockdown was eased, throngs of people rushed to shopping malls and centers. People resumed their daily life, while a deadly virus, that is highly contagious, is continuously spreading.

People were upset about learning that Nida Yasir and her husband have possibly tested positive for coronavirus.

People were upset that the couple might have exposed their crew to the virus, as well as those who appeared as guests on her show.

Others asked whether hosting the show was worth it.

It is honestly very upsetting news, especially considering the sets were not closed and did not follow distancing protocols, as can be witnessed from the episodes where guests clearly do not wear masks and keep a 6-feet distance from one another.

The same criticism has been following evening variety shows as well.

While there is no longer a live crowd at the set, there are still celebrity guests as well as normal people who come to the shows. These people do not maintain any distance from one another, nor do they wear masks and other protective equipment.

It is understandable that shows cannot just stop airing, but stricter measures can surely be followed to ensure the safety of the cast and crew members of the production. Globally, the media has adapted to the need of the hour and has resorted to producing content from the comfort of their homes. While the production quality might not be the same for as when they were on set, they are still promoting the idea of staying safe at home.

In any case, Nida Yasir and Yasir Nawaz have not confirmed the news about their alleged positive diagnosis. What do you think about this story? Let us know in the comments below.

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