This Girl Got Her Friend Zawwar To Order KFC For Her Entire Family & Now Everyone Wants A Friend Like That

By Noor | 8 Jun, 2020

Kahan se atay hain aise friend Zawwar jaise jo KFC pooray khandaan ko order kara ke dein?

Friendships are interesting. Friendships are the chosen relationships of your life that you treat as close to, sometimes even closer than, your own families. There are friends who will do anything for their besties. Remember Usman who bought food for his friend and went viral? Well, we have another guy who is following the footsteps of Usman and not surprisingly, people are losing it once again


Dua, a Twitter user shared how her friend Zawwar went an extra mile and ordered KFC for her whole family only because Dua was hungry

Well, it all started with a WhatsApp conversation where the girl told Zawwar that she’s hungry and Zawwar ended up ordering food for her whole family. The girl proudly posted a screenshot of her conversation along with the snaps of the family feast ordered by her ‘friend’ Zawwar. Not to forget, the girl captioned this picture as ‘ you all need a friend like Zawwar in your life’.



Naturally, this generous gesture by Zawwar of ordering KFC for his friend and her family went viral

Via Twitter


Some people weren’t really happy with this and wanted this to be a lesson for all Zawwars and Usmans out there

Obviously, these people ‘had’ to reiterate their point kay larka larki kabhe dost nahe ho saktay and they ‘had ‘to point the audacity of the girl by who got her friend to order food for her entire family.


A few argued that nobody should need or use a friend like Zawwar for KFC because women should be empowered and dignified enough to spend on their own selves

They criticized the trend of using innocent ‘friends’ for such purposes.


Many people sent prayers for the fallen hero


After all this, memes were bound to pour in and so did they

Pakistanis are famously ruthless in situations like this.


Pretty savage jokes were made about having a friend like Zawwar to order all that KFC for you


Pakistanis just couldn’t stop flexing their meme-ing skills


Finally, Zawwar who was allegedly named in this chat responded by alleging that this photo of sending KFC was fake

The profile of this “Zawwar” has now been deleted btw, so think whatever you want to about this development.


What do think about the all the whole Zawwar situation?

By the way, do you think that Zawwar got some inspiration from the other fallen hero, Usman or it was all just meant to happen? Let us know everything in the comments below.



Cover image via: @blatherrskytee / Twitter

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