Here's How Pakistani Celebrities Are Sharing Condolences With Beirut, Lebanon

By Maryam Khalid | 5 Aug, 2020

Pakistani celebrities are sharing messages of love with the people of Beirut

Another day, another saddening news. 2020 is really making its presence felt. The world witnessed a horrific explosion in Beirut, Lebanon. A warehouse containing what the local authorities are saying was a large amount of sodium nitrate that was confiscated a year ago, blew up suddenly, sending giant seismic waves to the entire city.

The explosion has taken  70 lives so far and injured around 2700. Authorities are expecting more casualties because people are stuck under the rubble. The blast destroyed buildings and shattered the windows. Lebanese sources report that almost 2700 tons of ammonium nitrate exploded at the Beirut Port.


Pakistani celebrities are heartbroken over the horrific disaster in Beirut and they’re sharing their thoughts with the people of Lebanon


Mehwish Hayat was devastated at seeing the footage and sent her prayers


Among other Pakistani celebrities sharing condolences to Beirut was Humayun Saeed who tweeted a tragic photo of the city and sent his prayers


Ahsan Khan was another one of Pakistani celebrities sharing condolences with Beirut and prayed for them


Saba Qamar expressed her grief for the country going through the worst of times


Hareem Farooq urged Lebanon to stay strong in these trying times


Another one among Pakistani celebrities talking about Beirut was Feroze Khan who prayed for the speedy recovery of the victims


Fakhr-e-Alam shared some distressing facts from the Beirut Explosion


Ali Gul Pir hoped that the blast was not actually someone plotting an attack on innocents


Armeena Rana Khan shared a photo her friend sent from Beirut, that showed destroyed premises


Ushna Shah wished peace for the entire Middle East


Rabia Butt urged everyone to spare a minute and pray for the city


Of course, another among Pakistani celebrities talking about Beirut was Yasir Hussain who posted a before and after picture of Beirut in his Instagram stories

Source: @yasir.hussain131/ Instagram

The Beirut Blast is indeed a horrible disaster to have happened to humanity. As Lebanon is already going through an economic crisis, this blast will just add to the burden. We feel grieved at the widespread human suffering and mourn the loss of innocent lives. Here’s hoping 2020, and the years to come, can have a little bit of mercy on us.


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Cover image: @mehwishhayatofficial via Instagram/ @saeedhumayun via Instagram/ @sabaqamarzaman via Instagram

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