21 Things Every Faisalabadi Loves About Their City

By Sarmad Amer | 10 Nov, 2015

You can take a Faisalabadi out of Faisalabad but you can never take our Faisalabad out of a Faislabadi. If you love your stage dramas and you are quick with your extensive repertoire of jughatein, you know you are a born and bred Faisalabadi.

Everyone talks about Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad. Some may even chirp in a word or two about Peshawar or Rawalpindi. But one city that is actually underrated is Faisalabad. The city, with a population of more than 6 million, is the third largest city of Pakistan. And it certainly has so much more to offer than most of the other cities in our country (looking at you sleepytown Islamabad).

Anyone who has ever lived in Faisalabad still remembers each and every one of these things that made you fall for the city, in the first place:

1. D Ground is Faisalabad’s version of Times Square

Anything and everything you need, you head on over to the D Ground.

Source: photobucket.com

And one HAS to be there to see the Independence Day celebrations.


2. You miss the original pre-all-this-development canal road

You may hate the place because it has taken away someone you knew. The canal is a killer!

Source: gandharatrails.com


3. The fact that Abdullah Pur Waterfall is STILL the unofficial landmark for the city

Source: faisalabad.gov.pk

This fake waterfall monument became a sort of ‘modern’ landmark for Faisalabad in postcards.


4. Rex City on Satiana Road

Source: rexcity.pk

The treasure trove of 50 rupee CDs and Faisalabad’s answer to the Hafeez Center.


5. The original Faisalabadi Bundu Khan that was a food institution

Source: All Travels

The cold winter night dinners with delicious kebabs and tikkas and piping hot puris to accompany. Best way to do winter evenings.


6. Babar Chowk is your place for all things desi

The dahi bhallay, samosay, chaat and anything else you can think of.

Source: traveller.com.au


7. But for the best samosas ‘Chacha Samosa’ is best

Or at least quite near the top.

Source: yummybites.blogspot.com

Mehr Jee or Chacha Samosa or you may even refer to him just as the ‘samosa wala‘  but this guy’s samosa plates are incomparable.


8. Totay is where people from all across the land still come to shop for, well, totay (of cloths)

You might even have taken a trip once in your life when your mom decided to experiment with this place for that one time when she thought trying out a new place for cloth shopping would be nice.

Source: menmyweirdthoughts.files.wordpress.com

Never again.


9. You proudly recite the fact that no other city in the country, heck even the world, is designed according to the Union Jack

Source: Laeeq Ahmad

Trivia: Can you name all the eight bazaars?


10. While there, you may have even indulged in some of Jehangir’s famous murgh pulao

Source: tossdown.com


11. Sam’s will always be your go-to place for a quick bite to eat.

Source: Wikimapia

The Big Mac has nothing on the Sam’s Special.


12. You know Chenab Club is the place to be seen at

Source: pakistanitourism.com

I’ve heard they’ve renovated their sh***y swimming pools?


13. Sunday breakfast at the D ground halwa puri walas is something you still crave for

Source: tossdown.com

You know Hafeez is the original best. Especially that tangy achaar with their crispy hot puris… yummm.


14. Malik books may not have an extensive collection as Liberty books or Saeed Book Bank but it’s still your favorite… probably because it’s the only thing you have 🙁

Via: Tumblr


15. You can recall all the times Garvaish has changed names before turning back to Garvaish

Source: Umasha79


16. You have strong feelings against the sad looking no-boundary-walled PC

Source: pak101.com


17. Gutwala was the place that always existed but no one ever went there

Source: Tahir Iqbal

Maybe once as a child, you may have old pictures as proof.


18. You are haunted by the stories you heard in your childhood every time you cross the graveyard at the end of Susan road

Remember the OG Susan road?

Source: samaa.tv

Also, it is pronounced Soo-saan and not the angreiz version.


19. You secretly miss the old FGS building

Source: Tahir Iqbal

…and the prison-like feel it presented, even though the brand spanking new malls are much better, visually.


20. You have wondered why Samundri is called that

Source: Tahir Iqbal

when there is no actual “Samundar” around it.


21. You wondered for the longest time what this was

Source: Tahir Iqbal

Faislabadi Stonehenge.


But wherever you are

Source: jovago.net


However long you have left the city

Source: serenahotels.com


You are a proud Faisalabadi

Source: travelpod.com

despite opposition to your jugatein, stage dramas and Saima Chaudhry fashun designer.


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Cover image via: AZ’s Photography

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