Someone Asked Oreos If They Were Halal And Their Response Sent Muslims Everywhere Into A Major Meltdown

By Rameeza Ahmad | 15 May, 2019

Please let this ‘Oreos are not Halal’ thing be a mistake…

You know Oreo? Of course, you do. Everyone knows about the scrumptious dark cookie with the creamy middle. Okay, I am getting carried away because I am currently fasting but you get it; Oreos are delicious and everyone has grown up eating them.


This Twitter user asked a question to the beloved biscuit making company about whether Oreo cookies are Halal or not


And the answer she received broke thousands of hearts

It is pertinent to mention that the official Oreo account’s tweet appears to have been deleted now, but more on that a little later.


Muslims around the world began freaking out with the idea that their favorite cookie, one almost everyone has grown up eating, might not be Halal for consumption


While other people were determined to pretend as if they had never read Oreo’s tweet


Some pointed out that the person who tweeted this might not have had an idea about what Halal is because Oreo are vegan/vegetarian which means they come under the Halal category anyway


BUT THEN, someone pointed out that while it may not have pork or gelatin but may contain alcohol which is vegan/vegetarian-friendly but certainly not Halal

Boy oh boy, lotsa confusion.


And someone talked about how the vanilla cream in Oreo has some alcohol in it but some scholars believe that the cooking process burns the alcohol out which makes the entire thing Halal

While a lot of scholars may think Oreo are halal, some do not. And it’s up to you what you decide for yourself.

Many people were just pissed at the person for even asking the question because you can’t be punished for something you didn’t know wasn’t Halal, LOL! But then again, to each their own.


I am sure the Oreos being produced in Pakistan are Halal, the company couldn’t take such a risk also the packaging says that. Quite literally


The Pakistani manufacturers of Oreo were so scared about the ramifications on their product that they had a full blown social media campaign to tell everyone that Pakistani Oreos are Halal

Via: Twitter


It probably depends on where the cookie is being produced. If the packaging says Halal, go for it but if it doesn’t specify then it’s your own risk to take

Rest assured, people were pissed this question was even asked.

Whatever the case may be, we’ll let you know. But I know one thing for sure; writing this piece is making me wish I had some Oreo for iftari.

What do you think about Oreos possibly not being Halal? Let us know in the comments below.


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