Somebody Stole This Guy's Video And Won An Award With It, Here’s How’s He Found Out

By Noomyalay Khan | 30 Jun, 2020

They stole his video and actually won an award 😱😱😱

The US Embassy Islamabad recently held a video competition which had submissions from all over. One such submission cut the mark and actually won the competition. Good for them, yeah? Here’s the catch:


This dude recently shared how someone stole his video and won an award with it at a competition held by the US Embassy in Pakistan

The sheer audacity and confidence of the person who stole the dude’s video to submit for a competition, organized by the US Embassy no less, and then going on to win an award at the competition, is insane. Honestly, while the act of stealing is terrible and needs to be penalized, the whole development is actually kind of funny tbh.


The actual creator of the video, Ahsan Saeed, spoke to MangoBaaz about the experience of seeing how someone stole his video and won an award for it

According to Ahsan, he uploaded the video, like many of his other videos that he regularly makes, to his official social media, including Facebook and YouTube.

He was not aware of the competition. Neither he nor anyone he knows entered the video for him, says Ahsan. He also mentioned that he does not know the person who stole his video and submitted it to the competition after trimming his name.

The original video creator contacted the US Embassy as soon as he realized that someone had taken credit for his work and passed it off as their own

The Embassy has responded to Ahsan and have said that they’re looking into the matter. They’ve also apparently apologized to Ahsan.

According to him, it could be a mistake and mistakes happen. Ahsan went on to add that responsible organizations who organize such events should design their social media campaigns very carefully and thoroughly filter all the submissions made to them. A mistake can hurt many people and do much damage.

Ahsan did not know if the video was sent as a joke or an actual attempt at stealing his work. But still, the video won the competition and got the award which is unjust and unfair to the original creator. The video was trimmed to remove his name and credits, and Urdu subtitles were added to it later.

If you’re interested in seeing the actual video by Ahsan that was deemed worthy of being stolen and winning the US Embassy competition, check it out here.


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Cover image via: Blogaey – Ahsan Saeed / YouTube

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