21 Signs That You're Absolutely Obsessed With Chai

By Ali Ahsan | 29 Sep, 2015

There is no drink superior to chai. No no, this is not a debate. For some of us, our lives would be incomplete and dull without our daily dose of chai. You could even say we’re obsessed with it.


1. Coffee? Woh kya hai?

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2. You treat Ilaichi as if it’s your best friend. And somehow, your chai feels incomplete without it.

Source: Healthy Mamma


3. Which is why you like to smell your chai before having a sip of it.

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4. You need to have a cup after every meal.  

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Or after a smoke if you’re into that.


5. And it doesn’t matter how hot the weather is, you’ll still have your dose of chai.

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6. But you’ll definitely prefer to have your chai with whole milk.

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7. And you like it made on a fiery stove, not out of a kettle

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Oh, and let’s not even talk about chai made from tea bags. Farigh.


8. Well, unless you’re outside Pakistan. Only then does the sight of Lipton or Tapal make you smile.

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9. Reading the newspaper or a book while having chai is something you look forward to.

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So peaceful.


10. Is that rain you hear outside? Perfect time to have another steaming cup of chai.

Source: Chilly and Co.

Maybe wrap yourself in a blanket and have a samosa while you’re at it?


11. You judge someone who can’t make a decent cup of chai.

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12. You ask for chai even when you go out to eat at a fancy restaurant.

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What kind of a place doesn’t serve chai?


13. The thought of drinking chai out of a styrofoam cup bothers you.

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14. You love to drink your chai slowly, appreciating every sip. You might even make that “shhrpppp” sound that people get annoyed with, but is music to your ears.

Source: All4Women


15. You’ve definitely poured your chai into a saucer and slurped it.

Source: Sockeyed

Did you know that was the actual purpose of saucers back in the 18th century? #mindblown


16. If your chai has gone cold, you’ll get another freshly made cup. None of that, heating it in the microwave nonsense.

Source: Raffay Hamid


17. People tell you that you shouldn’t drink so much chai.

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Can’t hear you, too busy enjoying my chai.


18. You think that the chai is the only good thing the British ever did (although we perfected the art of making chai).

Source: Scroll.in


19. Your biggest struggle in Ramazan is abstaining from tea. Oh the joy of that post-iftari chai.

Source: India Times


20. You’ll get caught in the debate of “Is bad chai better than no chai?”


21. That old Chai Chahiyeh jingle still runs in your head sometimes.


So go get yourself a cup of chai (if you’re not already sipping on some of that liquid gold already).

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