13 Indicators By A Pakistani Girl Which Prove That She Is Using You

By Ali Gul | 16 Apr, 2016

It might be easier for men to become rocket scientists than to understand what women think. Many women find it very easy to manipulate men who are head over heels in love with them and don’t really see reason even if it stuck out like a neon sign in front of them.

If you are not sure if a girl is using you, here is a list of signs which can hint that she might be:


1. She only talks to you when she likes to

Source: Deenga

You are always there for her in the middle of the night when she calls you; however, she never reciprocates the gesture when you need her.


2. She only hangs out with you when she is bored

Source: Deenga

She only calls you when she has nothing better to do. You are basically there to ensure her entertainment.


3. She only wants to talk about her problems but never discuss yours

Source: Deenga

She wants you to patiently listen to all her life’s problems but never has time to listen to what you are going through. She usually changes the topic when you have something to share.


4. She ignores you around her friends

Source: Deenga

She never makes you comfortable around her group of friends.


5. She always expects you to pay

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She never offers to contribute if you’re at a restaurant or do any activity. You are always the one paying for her.


6. She has made you her b*tch

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She expects you to get her phone recharged, accompany her for shopping, do her assignments, driver her around, pick her up, drop her and all the things that make it evident that she lives off you.


7. She never replies to your texts or picks up your call

Source: Deenga

She always has an excuse when she does it; however, she gets super pissed when you do the same.


8. She never apologizes for her mistakes

Source: Deenga

She might just end up crying and make you comfort her instead.


9. She has friend-zoned you for life

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You do everything and more to what a boyfriend does; however, she reminds you that you are just her friends.


10. She is very inconsiderate

Source: Deenga

She wants you to do things that are only convenient for her.


11. She uses you for her own personal gains

Source: Deenga

She might flirt with you to make her boyfriend or ex jealous. You might enjoy this; however, you are still the biggest loser.


12. She forgets to wish you on your birthday

Source: Tumblr

She will always have an excuse ready.


13. She cares more about materialistic things

Source: Deenga

She doesn’t care what kind of a person you are. If you have the money and have expensive interests, she is happy.


If you are with a person who does these things, it will be best if you leave her. This ocean has plenty of fish which are worth your time.

You deserve better, after all according to Taher Shah you are an angel.


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