15 of the Most Annoying People You Will Ever See At the Cinema

By Arslan Athar | 15 Apr, 2016

Ah the movies! Huge screens, surround sound, popcorn and a(usually) gripping story line. What could possibly go wrong?

What could go wrong are the other people in the cinema hall who sometimes seem to not realize that their harkatein ruin the movie for everyone. Movie wreckers, shame on you:


1. The late arrivals

The movie has started and you’re feeling it when suddenly, at snail pace these people start shuffling through a row of already seated people and stumbling over your feet. What really sucks about this situation is you can’t give them disapproving glares because they won’t see it in the dark.

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2. The loud chewers

The peculiar thing is that these people can always be heard in the cinema, despite the surround sound. Why can’t some people chew normally, you know with their mouths closed?

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3. The ‘I must answer my phone’ crew

Haan Ji, cinema mein betha wa hoon. CINEMA MEIN… Ji ji. Haan… baad mein phone karta hun!” 

Rejecting a call would’ve served the same purpose.

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4. Facebookers

These people couldn’t care less about whats happening in the movie andwould rather stalk people on all social media platforms as well as continuously text. Oh and the best part, they do it all in full screen brightness, such a bright idea *slow clap*.

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5. The absolutely comfortable crowd

These people will pull their feet up on the back of your seat. If you’re really unfortunate, their feet will be at your arm rest and you might just touch them… yeah and they’ll stinky feet, too.

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6. The kickers

They’ll be sitting right behind you and for the longest time ever kick your seat from the back. Initially you’ll think it’s an earthquake but soon you realize its just a really bored uncle who can’t sit still.

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7. The boyziz

These people hoot at just about anything. Intense fight scene, hero’s entrance, you name it and they’ll be hooting! And they’re certainly not all men, but they do act like boys, Pindi boys to be exact.

Source: Wiffle Gif
Source: Wiffle Gif


8. The live commentators

‘Oyee yaar ye kya hogaya?’ 

Tsk tsk tsk, ye tou marr gaya ab!’

Thank you for your unneeded comments, I couldn’t see he was stabbed even though I was looking at the exact same scene.

Source: Deenga


9. The Snapchatters

All of a sudden you’ll see a shooting yellow screen out of nowhere and you’ll know somewhere in that cinema hall a snap story is being made. Of course, the whole world must know you’re watching Fawad Khan coming out to his mom.

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10. Kids under 10…. ugggh

They cry or they run around and their parents are screaming from their seat, “Ahmed Beta wapas aao… jaldi!’. Babies ruin movies. Period.

Source: Deccan Chronicle


11. The lonely boy

There will be this one person who has come to the cinema alone. You do realize that it’s actually okay to do that but because you don’t have the guts to go watch a movie alone you’ll feel sad for the guy too, thinking he doesn’t have any friends to bring along.

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12. The Nightingales

Mostly in Bollywood movies, they think they know the words to the song and choose to sing along and annoy the whole cinema hall.

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13. The Gossip Queens

Its as if these people remember all what they have to say to each other during the movie. The only plus point here is, if the movie is boring you’ll get some entertainment. And stories about Rizwan is cheating on Sabeeka with Natasha who is also dating Jaleel.

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14. The confused kid

This person is not actually a kid but they don’t understand what’s going on at all. If you’re seated next to one of these be sure that most of the movie will pass along with ‘Ab kya ho raha hai?’.

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15. The couple who needs to be in their bedroom

Dark room. Couples galore. Its a PDA fest out there!

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No, you can’t run away from these people. They will always find you! Its better if you get used to them.

Cover Image: Azlan Hashim

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