This Comedian From Karachi Hilariously Trolled Pakistanis While Posing As An American Woman 😂😂😂

By Sajeer Shaikh | 26 Jan, 2019

It’s been a strange couple of months as far as white people trying to “save” Pakistan has been concerned. We’ve all survived Jeremy and we’re collectively struggling with the concept of Cynthia, as of late. It’s been…quite a ride. Many phaddas later, the Twitterverse stumbled upon a new name: Samantha Gerry.

Samantha A. Gerry’s journey began as an enigma.

Via Twitter

Naam sun ke hee lag raha tha ke savior complex koot koot ke bhara hoga. 

Samantha begum quickly had Pakistani Twitter spinning endlessly into a pit of utter frenzy. “U.S couchsurfer” alone set countless hearts aflutter, as many began to picture this naïve model/vlogger making her way into Pakistan by asking Twitter for help. Of course, the fact that the account was made in Jan 2019 (like, basically this month) was suspicious. But caution was thrown to the wind by many.

Samantha’s Twitter account soon started to get some attention…

…especially when she dragged in some manjay huay khiladi

Now, as is the case with such accounts and, well, such news in general, a lot of our bholi awaam started to fall for Samantha’s antics. I don’t blame them. With the same annoying persistence and tone of superiority as those before her, it wasn’t that hard to let yourself believe that Samantha was real and yeh bandi Pakistan ki achi image dikha ke hee chain legi. 

Some people believed that Samantha’s arrival was imminent.

In fact, most people believed in her existence as a whole. Invitations were sent out.

Lunches were set up

Samantha was welcomed by many

Even Obae – uh, I mean, Obi – weighed in…

…multiple times…

…and tried to troll the account as well.


However, some people started seeing through this random stranger who popped out of nowhere and took Pakistani Twitter by storm.

Including Cynthia, btw. She toh seedha blocked Samantha

Smh. When heroes fall.

Obi also began thinking ke yeh toh pakka koi launda hoga

In fact, convincing proof was shared that Samantha was, in fact, a mere figment of some nikammay preteen’s imagination, breathed to life via the prowess of social media.

Apparently, Samantha was already famous under various different names. None of those were actually Samantha.

Of course, “Samantha” shot back.

Now, Samantha’s account is FILLED with hilarious trolling and it would probably take a whole other piece to dissect each and everything that was talked about. It’s just all very loaded. But while this was going on with “Samantha,” Pakistani comedian Shehzad Ghias was laying low, trolling Samantha endlessly.

Then, 15 hours ago (at least it was 15 hours ago when I was writing this,) he invited Sammy to join him for a live chat

He even shared their conversation

And followed up for confirmations, since Sammy claimed to go live as well.

Eventually, it was official.

Now, I’ve REALLY got to give it to Shehzad. That commitment, that dedication, that devotion – it all seemed so real. It seemed like Pakistanis would finally get to see Samantha and ask her ke behen scene kya hai aap ka?

However, to the surprise of some and disappointment of many who had carved Sammy’s name on the walls of their heart, it was revealed that Samantha was Shehzad all along.

Via Twitter

(This is how I imagine Shehzad probably feels after pulling this off.)

Honestly, we should have seen this coming from miles away. I mean. Shehzad Ghias. Samantha Gerry. Muft ka ‘A’ beech main daal ke sab ko confuse kardia. Also the fact that she agreed to go live with JUST him? Hmm. Interesting.

Khair, Shehzad promised deets while going live on Instagram. 

Samantha A. Gerry's first interview. Watch it live tonight!Is she even real? Is she a white girl from New York or a…

Gepostet von Shehzad Ghias Shaikh am Samstag, 26. Januar 2019

And kept up the jig till the very last minute too…

He then eventually went live on multiple platforms, like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Since I was also ridiculously invested, I have the live stream recorded (but I got invested thora ziada hee and now I can’t upload the whole thing.)

Shehzad started by giving background deets about Samantha. He walked people through her Twitter account. Samantha was late, btw. Surprise, surprise. Anyhoo, some technical issues aside, Shehzad kept asking people to ask Samantha questions. And he continued to give deets. Samantha was yet to show up, btw.

Eventually, he powered up Skype to “talk” to Samantha who sounded like a bot. Shehzad acted pretty surprised, eventually revealing that it has been him trolling everyone.

Yep. Shehzad = Samantha.

Now that that’s laid to rest, I suppose we can all feel high-key stupid about falling for this, right? Let us know if you’ve been personally victimized by Samantha A. Gerry.


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