Mooroo Shared How He And His Wife Fell In Love Before Their Shaadi And I'm Not Crying, You Are

By Rameen Shakil | 26 Jan, 2019

Everyone’s favorite content creator, Mooroo, recently made a kamaal ka vlog where he recapped his shaadi kai events and wah, fans fell in love. Needless to say, vlog kaafi mazay ka tha. Since it’s just that great, I’ll walk you through it. It’s worth it. Trust me.

He starts off by saying that he needs to make the upper section of his house liveable for his wife. Obviously, pictures of nangi larkiyan need to be removed from his wall…ASAP

Source: Mooroo

Mooroo, my man, what a smart move.

Mooroo also narrates how Daniyal Sheikh of Karachi Vynz asked Mooroo why one should get married and Mooroo decided to tie the knot. 

Ever since Mooroo completed his studies, his mom wanted him to get married. She would introduce her friends’ daughters to Mooroo very often. However, since he had chosen a funkaaro wala career, arranged marriage ka scene thora off tha. 

Source: Mooroo

Aunties would ask him questions like, “Beta, aap ki routine kya hai?” 

Mooroo, being an artist, musician, and comedian, would work on projects all night and sleep during the day. His income would fluctuate depending on the type of work he was doing. Of course, the minute Pakistani aunties heard this, they would try to keep their daughters away from Mooroo.

Shaadi choray, yahan tou dosti ka bhi sawal nahi tha. 

Source: Mooroo

However, this did not bother Mooroo. He did not particularly agree with the idea of arranged marriage and was not even ready to settle down. Being a man of dreams and aspirations, he wanted to figure his life out and learn from his mistakes before committing to someone else.

Soon, he found the love of his life, Eruj.

Eruj is a self-sufficient funkaar – perfect for Mooroo. He says that she is a beautiful human being, and after all folks, that’s all that really matters. He openly admits that this is a love marriage and the best decision of his life. Eruj and Mooroo were not evaluated by anyone around them. They had an understanding and decided to spend the rest of their lives together.

(I’m not crying, you are).

Source: Mooroo

After the shaadi dates were finalized, Deepak Perwani ka jora aur shaadi kay kapray kee tayaarian were in full swing

The couple tried to keep their wedding as minimalistic as possible. However, they realized that this was close to impossible and soon, they set out to gather clothes for their events.

Source: Mooro

Not too fond of dancing, the couple decided to skip the cultural mehendi and have a sangeet instead.

Jimmy Khan, Ali Sethi, Rakae Jamil, and Shamoon Ismail were all set to have a musical performance. And of course, Mooroo was excited to join his friends on stage

Source: Mooroo

Fun fact; Eruj and Mooroo worked on this vlog together. Couple goals, amirite? 

He constantly asked her for advice while curating this vlog and while the couple had different accounts of how they met, they decided to put both their stories in.

Source: Mooroo

For example, Mooroo, in his vlog, says that this is what Eruj looked like the first time he saw her.

Mooroo paints Eruj as fierce and confident, with the pedestal fan blowing her hair like a Bollywood actress the first time he laid eyes on her.

Source: Mooroo

Jokes aside, Eruj corrects him and says that she was completely in her element the first time they met.

They met for the first time at the site of Mooroo’s music video project. Eruj was disheveled after working hard on the shoot all day.

Source: Mooroo

So the first time that Mooroo saw in her larkiyon walai kapray, he had a hard time keeping his eyes off her

They sat next to each other to work on their project and Eruj instantly noticed that Mooroo was trying to hide how attracted he was to her.

Source: Mooroo

Eruj then takes over Mooroo’s vlog and describes the first time she had to dress up for her shaadi events

Even though she had used makeup before, this was the first time she had used it so extensively and she truthfully admits that once she got into the practice of dressing up, it was hard to practice self-love on a makeup-free face, accompanied by her natural, wavy, unstraightened hair.

Source: Mooroo

Mooroo’s vlog goes on to describes times when the couple had disagreements and had to sort them out together

There were times when both of them were busy with their work and found it hard to take out time for each other. Mooroo focuses on the not-so-fairytale-like aspect of relationships but nonetheless, they worked out their differences and supported each other to the best of their capabilities.

Source: Mooroo

As the wedding date approached, Karachi to Islamabad, Islamabad to Lahore, Lahore to Karachi walay shashkay had started  but the couple managed to spend quality time with their friends, Ammar Farooki and Ainy Rahman.

Lahore was a fun-filled trip where the couple enjoyed karaoke sessions with friends, chai khana’s juices and of course, Lahore kee thand. 

Source: Mooroo

His friends, Ali Gul Pir, Muhammad Khan, Hamad Khan, and Irfan Ahmed flew especially from Lahore to Karachi for Mooroo’s wedding.

They constantly reminded Mooroo that since he was now married, toh sab games khatam. Basically, no more checking out girls. They also gave him different pieces of advice such as it is okay to sleep on the couch sometimes, always try to fix fights, the wife is always right and never let her go.

Source: Mooroo

Let’s not forget that Faiza Saleem and Mooroo had their shaadi events on the same day as well.

Faiza and Mooroo had their valima and baraath on the same day, at the same venue. Looks like these two share a deeper bond than pure comedy.

Source: Mooroo

Mooroo and Eruj both looked beautiful on their special day

Mooroo and Eruj followed the Punjabi customs and had the perfect wedding. In his vlog, Mooroo added that he has never been so certain about anyone in his life before and is excited to have Eruj by his side, even at 80 years of age, keeping him warm on cold nights.

Source: Mooroo

The 24-minute vlog managed to make us laugh and bring tears to our eyes. We wish Mooroo and Eruj the very best in life and are excited to see future posts by the couple! You can watch the full vlog here:


Are you as happy for the couple as we are? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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