ShaPosh; A local Fashion Brand with global thinking

By MangoBaaz Studio | 25 Mar, 2021

The fashion industry of Pakistan has seen a lot of phenomenal changes in the last decade. A sudden boom in, and demand for premium clothing has provided diverse opportunities for different local fashion brands to pioneer a whole new multi-billion industry that not only caters to the needs of avid fashion lovers, but also creates job opportunities for thousands of house-holds.

ShaPosh, a leading premium fashion house/brand of Pakistan is revolutionizing the traditional/ local concepts and trends of fashion by converging it with the Western trends and creating a perfect symphony out of it. Since its humble beginning, it has come a long way and has established itself as a well-reputed name in ready-to-wear attires. With a vision of becoming a pioneer and acknowledged leader in the most affordable luxury attire, ShaPosh currently maintain 25 company-owned stores across Pakistan where a wide range of distinctive wears for women and kids that range from casual and formal to Kurti, Maxi, and Lehnga, are exclusively sold.

As mentioned earlier, ShaPosh had a very humble beginning, the only reason it came out as one of the finest premium brands is because it has strictly adhered to the core values and vision that make up the very foundation of the brand. ShaPosh currently has its production and fabric processing facility in Gujranwala, Pakistan, where all of the magic happens under the hands of seasoned and skilled craftsman; each one of them coming with decades of fabric handling experience.

Source: Shaposh

During its journey, ShaPosh has created different textures on different materials and has extensively experimented with different materials to maximize comfort as well as enhancing the premium user-end experience. The main focus of ShaPosh designers, while designing an attire has always been on how it would gel-in with different personalities and prevailing seasons. This well-thought process finally translates into a perfectly designed attire that would suit the needs of all. 



The processing and production facilities of ShaPosh are fully equipped and capable of doing any sort of task with optimum ease. The Production facility is capable of digital, screen, and block printing, Hand, machine, and computer controlled machine embroidery, and has separate cutting, stitching, quality control, and packing units to make work flow smooth and efficient.

Source: Shaposh

On the other hand the fabric processing facility is capable to carry out washing, drying, dyeing and coating with extreme efficiency.

Source: Shaposh


A tiresome journey pays off when efforts put in it are thoroughly recognized. In June 2018, ShaPosh got its first badge of honor as it won the Best Clothing Brand Award in Emerging Pakistan Business Opportunities Conference and Award Ceremony. This event a joint venture of Emerging Pakistan and Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industries, and was held in Istanbul, Turkey. It was a remarkable and a proud moment for all of the ShaPosh family as it was recognition that the brand has finally been recognized as a world-class fashion house.

In the year 2019, ShaPosh once again won the prestigious Best Clothing Brand Award in the Business Opportunities Conference, which was held in Kuala Lampur, Malaysia by Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industries. Both of these awards are a reminder of the hard efforts that were put in the making of ShaPosh and bringing it to the top-most slot of Pakistani fashion industry.

Source: Shaposh
Source: Shaposh


This post is a Press Release by ShaPosh

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