Shahid Afridi Being Clueless About Gautam Gambhir's Hateful Statements About Pakistan Is Making People LOL

By Ramsha Bhatti | 17 Feb, 2019

India and Pakistan have been in an uncomfortably hostile position ever since the Pulwama incident took place. Since then Indians have been going on and on about how they are going to take revenge.

Indian Twitter has been going crazy with some pretty negative comments.

Some very prominent Indians also raised their voice in retaliation to the unfortunate incident that took place in Pulwama. Like Kangana Ranaut.

However, some of the most spiteful comments came from Gautam Gambhir, a former Indian cricketer.

He’s been making some rather crude comments on Twitter.

Pakistan hasn’t been paying much attention to the all the commotion. Balke, they’ve been “enjoying” the attention and haven’t taken it personally.

Needless to say, these harrowing exchange of threats and offenses on Twitter has caught the media’s attention. While the Indian media is up in flames, no such comments have surfaced from Pakistan’s end. No cricketer has talked about the incident, or Gambhir’s threats in particular.

So in order to get some insight into the matter, a report tried to get Shahid Afridi’s take on the matter. 

Shahid Afridi is currently busy dealing with the Pakistan Super League and has been in Dubai for the tournament. On his way back from the match against Islamabad United, a reporter asked what Afridi had to say about Gautam Gambhir and well..

With no clue as to what was being discussed, Afridi’s response was : “Kya hogaya usko?”

source: Facebook

As he made that face.

Seems like Afridi has been oblivious to the threatening statements Gambhir has been making on his Twitter handle. 

Afridi on the inside: Is you serious, bruh?

source: Facebook

Cause seriously, Afridi had ZERO clue about what was happening. I mean, what else do these expressions say?

Afridi’s response, or should I say lack of response, is garnering a lot of attention.

It was alleged that Afridi is not one for such statements.

Pretty sure Afridi was like: Kuch ho wo toh nahi gaya larkay ko

RIP Gambhir’s ego.

Also, won’t lie but it seemed like Afridi also just didn’t care altogether. 

*Insert shrug emoji*

In case you missed it, this what concern looks like IRL


On a serious note, Shahid Afridi has been super busy with PSL around the corner and the pressure that follows with the event. He might not have had time to pay attention to the news lately or maybe the thought might have slipped his mind. In all honesty, he was caught off guard, ho sakta hai dimagh main kuch aur ho?

Here’s the video Pakistani Twitter has been talking about.

Dekh ke btana please ke sirf mujhe lag raha hai or does Afridi seriously look worried for Gautam Gambhir?


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