15 Of The Most Insane Questions Married Couples Have Asked The Pakistani Sex Expert

By Aam Nawab | 5 May, 2017

Married couples are very unaware of their bodies, sadly

As a single person, everyone has questions you’re dying to ask a person who would talk to you about sex, without being judgmental. Those questions don’t end jab shaadi ho jaati hai, and married women and men are no different when it comes to really not knowing what to do in the bedroom.

These are some of THE craziest questions people have asked the Pakistani sex expert aka Dr. Rizwan-ul-haq of the infamous Noor Clinic:

1. This person didn’t want love making to have an asar on his career as a sportsman when he got married

Married Couples Questions 19
Source: noorclinic.com


2. While this lady is really worried why she isn’t making eggs

Married Couples Questions 18
Source: noorclinic.com

Someone needs to tell her that women don’t lay the eggs that they make.


3. And this woman just wants to teach her man some foreplay

Married Couples Questions 17
Source: noorclinic.com


And the answer was a little too blunt, unfortunately:

Married Couples Questions 16
Source: noorclinic.com


4. This lady inquired about her husband’s… uhmm… obsession with mirrors

Married Couples Questions 15
Source: noorclinic.com

Someone’s been watching a lot of porn, we think.


5. This lady wanted tips to turn her gay husband straight

Married Couples Questions 14
Source: noorclinic.com

It don’t work that way, lady.


6. This guy found a new way to please his raju and is afraid he might’ve found something better than his wife

Married Couples Questions 13
Source: noorclinic.com


7. While this newly married man was worried about his dark knight rising…a little too quickly

Married Couples Questions 12
Source: noorclinic.com


8. This poor insaan’s obviously never had a first kiss

Married Couples Questions 11
Source: noorclinic.com


And God forbid he does have one because OMG ALL THEM STDs!

Married Couples Questions 10
Source: noorclinic.com


9. This newbie shaadi shuda mard wanted to know the geography of the female anatomy

Married Couples Questions 9
Source: noorclinic.com

Someone give him a map, please. Isiliye kehte hain schools ko bio books pe diagrams cover nahi karnay chahiye.


10. This innocent guy wanted to know if it’s okay to ask his wife to send nudes to him

Married Couples Questions 8
Source: noorclinic.com


11. While this married woman was having some wild fantasies about her sex life

Married Couples Questions 7
Source: noorclinic.com


And this helpful gentleman didn’t mind turning those fantasies into reality.

Married Couples Questions 6
Source: noorclinic.com


12. This poor lady’s rather irritated with her husband’s uhmm… sexual activities

Married Couples Questions 4
Source: noorclinic.com


13. This playboy was confused between his two wives

Married Couples Questions 5
Source: noorclinic.com


14. And this gentleman was really concerned that his wife doesn’t “oblige” him…it’s clearly a matter of life and death

Married Couples Questions 3
Source: noorclinic.com


And obviously pills is the way to go…thank you cool face ‘sex’ user

Married Couples Questions 2
Source: noorclinic.com


15. And finally, this inquisitive soul wants to know if “breast me” sex is allowed

Married Couples Questions 1
Source: noorclinic.com


Now that you’ve had a laugh about these questions. Maybe it’s time to think about how shameful a state it is that even married couples are unaware of the most carnal human experiences because tauba tauab kisi ne sex ki baat kar li toh kiya ho ga!


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Cover image via: DKT International / YouTube

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