Here's All The Sasta And Mayari Makeup That Lasts All Day And Is Less Than Rs. 2000

By Atiya Abbas | 5 May, 2017

Bhai sometimes a girl just wants to shop on the cheap and do a full face in less money than it takes to buy a new bag. Or food. Because we all know food >>>>>>>>>>>> everything. Then again, while making out with a burger, girl’s gotta make sure that lipstick ain’t disappearing in the beef.


So your homegirl scouted the store and did a full face (of makeup) in less than PKR 2000

Verdict for all products is provided because hey, just because it fit in the price tag doesn’t mean it is the answer to all your problems.

Source: Amna Abbas

Shopping list:


Dazz Matazz Timeless Beauty Lasting Cover Foundation in Rose Natural – PKR 675

Atiqa Odho Compact Face Powder with SPF 30 – PKR 435


Sophie Ashley Colorstay Eyeliner – PKR 120

Glamorous Face Matte Waterproof Eyeliner in Black – PKR 175

Glamorous Face Big Eye Volume Mascara in Black – PKR 190

Dazz Matazz Eyeliner Pencil in Blue Moon – PKR 185


Medora Matte Lipstick in Saffron – PKR 120


Yes, I know. Not bad, eh?


I did a basic lined eye with the blue eye pencil on the lower lash line and blended the lipstick as blush on my cheeks. I wanted to buy a blush BUT the cheap one was too chalky and the better ones were a wee bit out of my range. But lipstick as blush is the best and oldest hack that every makeup junkie should know.


Here is the look at three different times of the day – NO TOUCH-UPS, nothing. The last picture is at 6 pm, after two coffees, lunch and a fair bit of talking.

At 9:06 am

At 2:07 pm

At 6:15 pm

I work in an air-conditioned environment so the makeup didn’t go through that much wear and tear. However, my skin was still very oily by the end of the day so I would recommend blotting the oil with the compact powder.


And here’s my verdict on each product after wearing it all day long:


Dazz Matazz Timeless Beauty Lasting Cover Foundation in Rose Natural 

I liked this foundation. It blended easily, gave medium coverage and is super easy on the pocket. I love that it did not settle in the fine lines under my eyes nor did it crease on my eye lids.

Atiqa Odho Compact Face Powder with SPF 30 

I could have used more of it to keep the oil at bay. It was pretty much gone by the end of the day. The brand has reformulated their products and it totally shows in the texture and application. Good color range for a variety of desi skin tones.


Sophie Ashley Colorstay Eyeliner 

I used this to fill in my brows and it blended easily and didnt budge all day. Good stuff.

Glamorous Face Matte Waterproof Eyeliner in Black 

Wow, was this matte. The packaging sucks as the wand picked up a lot of product but the formula didnt budge and was easy to remove with a makeup remover.

Glamorous Face Big Eye Volume Mascara in Black 

I used this on my upper and lower lashes and I think it’s a bit too clumpy, the formula is wet enough and not bad for the price tag though there were a few specs under my eyes at the end of the day.

Dazz Matazz Eyeliner Pencil in Blue Moon 

Too hard to apply to the eyes and I had to pull my lash line to get a decent application. The color was also too dull. Not worth the money.


Medora Matte Lipstick in Saffron 

Comfortable wear, insane lasting power because it is Medora after all. You can be a NARS girl but a good Medora lippie will last you a lifetime.

Source: Amna Abbas

I also noticed through the day that this lipstick could be a great dupe for MAC’s Lady Danger. I came home and compared the two and I wasn’t that far off. True, Lady Danger is more red-orange than Saffron but they apply the same. I have also thrown in a comparison with the DMGM Chubby Stick in Cayenne Pepper (I love orange lipsticks, don’t judge) which retails for about PKR 1000 so you can go halfway between the MAC and the Medora.

So there you go. Did you like? Want us to find more drugstore gems? Let us know.


Disclaimer: All these products were bought at Naheed Supermarket, Karachi and prices may vary so don’t come at me with pitchforks, please.


Cover image via: Amna Abbas

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