18 Of The Craziest Questions That Men Have Asked The Mardana Kamzori Expert

By Aam Nawab | 22 Feb, 2017

This Pakistani mardana kamzori expert has some very interesting responses

Sex is a big taboo in Pakistan. Discussing anything about sexual intercourse, sexuality is considered extremely inappropriate in the public space. Heck, even mentioning the word “sex” out loud with friends at a public space gets you judgmental stares from aunties trying to eavesdrop on your conversations. In such a situation, the digital space has come as a boon for the sex starved Pakistanis. Our people top Google searches for porn, videos with sex are top trends on YouTube in Pakistan and websites like the Noor Clinic are a popular attraction for many.

Noor Clinic is a “virtual clinic” run by a Dr. Rizwan-ul-haq who apparently has an MBBS from the prestigious Dow University of Health Sciences. Many consider Dr. Rizwan as the Pakistani mardana kamzori expert and come to him with some INSANELY crazy questions about sexual health, reproduction and whatnot.


Here are all the crazy things Pakistani men have ever asked Dr. Rizwan, the Pakistani sex-pert:

1.  This guy who’s worried about his 4 breast points

Source: noorclinic.com

Does he mean nipples? Hopefully he does because otherwise it could actually be cancer.


2. And this one who has a problem with his “pennies”

Source: noorclinic.com


3. This guy has  brought a problem to the mardana kamzori expert that happens every time he watches porn

Source: noorclinic.com


4. This guy wants to know if exercising any part of the body makes it stronger

Source: noorclinic.com


5. And this one wants to know from the mardana kamzori expert if watching gay porn makes him gay

Source: noorclinic.com


6. Uhmm… he wants a straight answer from the mardana kamzori expert to his not-so-straight question

Source: noorclinic.com


7. And this one is worried about the side effects a certain contraceptive

Other than a lack of unwanted pregnancies or STDs?

Source: noorclinic.com

8. This guy gets a little too excited by his wife’s touch

Source: noorclinic.com


9. While this one met a girlfriend after his marriage and wonders if he can keep her on the side

Source: noorclinic.com


10. This guy’s concerned about the aggressiveness his spouse prefers in the bedroom

Source: noorclinic.com


11. And this one doesn’t understand that there’s a difference between real life and porn

Source: noorclinic.com


12. This guy has a very “hard” question

Source: noorclinic.com


13. And this one wants to know from the mardana kamzori expert if he can keep the lights on

Source: noorclinic.com

14. This gentleman wants to make sure he isn’t being rude toward his wife

Source: noorclinic.com


15. And this one asked about why he gets pimples because of his “activities”

Source: noorclinic.com

16. This one has a queer problem

Source: noorclinic.com

17. This guy just wants a massage

Source: noorclinic.com


18. And then there’s this gentleman coming to the mardana kamzori expert with his curiosity

Source: noorclinic.com


There are some crazy questions out there. Don’t be afraid to learn, guys. Keep your mind open to learning and accepting everyone’s weirdness because everyone’s weird.


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