How To Actually Be Stylish Without Looking Like A Brand Ki Dukaan

By Astarte | 22 Feb, 2017

Do you wanna look like a brand ki dukaan?

Brands have taken over Pakistan like a plague. It’s become a fight to the death when it comes to girls, aunties, phuppos and ammas. Being stylish in Pakistan has somehow turned into a race to who can pile on the most brands. Style isn’t about wearing brands. CUE SHOCK AND HORROR.

So ladies, and gentlewomen, here are a few tried and tested tips about how to actually develop your own style but without looking like a brand ki dukaan.


1. Don’t follow the trends all the time if you don’t wanna look like a brand ki dukaan

Otherwise you’ll be ripping holes in your already starved wallet. It’s a trap. Be a trailblazer.

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2. Don’t waste money on diamonds that you’ll rarely wear when you can get good costume jewelry pieces

Why waste money buying jewels from Amrapali when you can literally invest in more ethnically vibrant ones from the market. It’s a haven of unearthing the most unique pieces.

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3. Keep your nails clean. Nail polish isn’t always necessary (unless of course, you like looking like a brand ki dukaan), but cleanliness is.

Manicures and pedicures are so OTT.

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4. Khussay pehno, they look graceful and they’re not “branded” so no issues about getting the latest Gucci khussay

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5. One key to not give off that brand ki dukaan vibes is to wear minimal make up

Let your skin breath and let your inner beauty shine.

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6. Remember, your father isn’t an Arab Sheikh (even if he is), whenever you go out shopping

I know it’s hard to not spend money, trust me I know. As a shopaholic, carefully cherry picking what I want to buy has become something I’ve had to adapt to.

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7. Pin freshly cut flowers into your hair instead of studded, expensive clips

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8. Make your tailor your best friend and ditch the designers

Well, this one’s nothing new for Pakistani women but dish out your favorite items of clothing and have similar styles stitched.

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9. Keep your hair the natural color. Work with it.

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10. For a completely anti brand ki dukaan look, take out your nani’s or mama’s old retro outfits.

Refit them if you must. Old is gold. Chiffon duppata.

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11. When in doubt, wear white.



12. Top it all of with your red lips and you can give off “upscale” vibes without looking like a brand ki dukaan

Sexy, confident and bold – you’ll look hot. And stylish even if your outfit is as plain as plain Jane.

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Do you have any suggestions? What’s your style secret? Let us know in the comments below.


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