17 Moments People Who Cry Very Easily Have Definitely Experienced

By Arslan Athar | 22 Feb, 2017

There are some people who only cry when they’re sad, some people who never cry, and some that always cry. If you fall in the always crying category, then you know that every emotion can be expressed in tears. Joy, anger, disgust, possibly even lust (okay fine, chuss).

So if you’re a tear shedder, here are all the moments that make you cry, just a little bit:


1. Seeing someone finally marry the one person they were meant to be with

You’re a sucker for happy ending love stories.

Source: Fahad Hussayn


2. Someone’s, anyone’s, rukhsati, even if you don’t know them that well

Or even from the dulha’s side.

Source: Dharma Productions


3. You’ll cry when your favorite celebrity couple ever breaks up



4. One sad song is all what it takes to get you sobbing

Via: Tumblr


5. When your mom makes baingan instead of biryani

Source: Oriental Films / A-Plus Entertainment


6. Adorable kittens and puppies

True story, I’ve seen someone cry when their cat gave birth

Source: media.tenor.co


7. Babies make you cry tears of joy

Via: Pinterest


8. You cry when the waiter says they don’t serve Coke

Zaalima Coca Cola Pila De! *tears*

Source: Deenga


9. Airport goodbyes

Ye Dooriyan! Haye! 

Via: Tumblr


10. Animated movies are way too moving for you!

But didn’t everyone cry during the first 15 minutes of Up and *that* scene from Lion King!

Source: Deenga


11. Kal Ho Na Ho was too much to handle

Har ghari badal rahi hai, *sobs uncontrollably*

Source: Dharma Productions

Baghban was also a tear jerker.


12. When the police wala threatens you with a fine and then there go the waterworks

(This only works with women though, tharki police walay) 

Source: Deenga


13. Coke Studio’s version of Ae Rahe Haq Shaheedon moved you to tears!

Especially Amjad Sabri’s part!

Via: YouTube


14. Seeing someone else cry makes you feel all sort of sad

Source: Walt Disney Pictures / UTV Motion Pictures / Anil Kapoor Films Company


15. When your clothes shrink after being washed!

Uff ye zindagi! 

Source: Dharma Productions


16. You probably also cry under pressure

Source: Mega Bollywood Pvt. Ltd.


17. Reading this post

You’ll relive all those times you cried while reading this, and then cried!

Via: giphy.com


What else have you cried at?



Cover image via: Shoman Peoductions

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