Saying These 13 Things Can Actually Save The Life Of Someone Struggling With Anxiety

By Sarah Babar | 22 Feb, 2017

Everyone feels anxious, sometimes. It’s as normal an emotion as happiness or sadness. It can come in the form of nervousness while making important decisions, taking a test, at work, or even talking on the phone. That is not an anxiety disorder.

Anxiety disorders can cause enough distress to interfere with daily activities, and prevent you from leading a normal life. It is not something you can just ‘get over’ or ‘move on’ from. It is a serious mental illness, and people suffering from it have a constant sense of worry and fear. This can be both overwhelming and disabling, rendering the person unable to carry on with their lives, normally. Therapy and treatment go a long way in helping these individuals manage their feelings and going back to leading a fulfilling life. Us human beings don’t like being surrounded by people who bring us down. It’s normal. And we’re all guilty of it. Even if we’ve been through it ourselves, we distance ourselves from the remotest possibility of being pushed back into it, or by anyone adding negativity to your life. But that’s not how it should be. We should reach out to those suffering and help them come out of their issues, however we can, even if it is just going up to them and saying a few words of comfort to them.

If you know someone going through anxiety, these are the things you should say to them:

1. “If you ever need to talk, I’m here”

And truly mean it, if they reach out to you, be there for them. The smallest things mean a lot, lending them a smile, a shoulder, or an ear would let them not feel so alone.

2. “Do you need help with anything?”

Because trust me, they do. Anxiety is an issue that makes even the smallest tasks seem taxing. And they need all the help they can get. But whatever you do, don’t make it sound like an ehsaan or as if what you’re doing for them is eating into your time.

3. “This feeling isn’t always going to last”

Tell them that they’re not always going to feel the same way. That how they’re feeling, right now, they won’t feel like this forever, and the feeling will go away.

4. “Whatever is happening is not your fault”

More often than not, people suffering from anxiety believe that everything that’s going wrong around them, is somehow related to them and that they’re the reason it’s happening. Even worse, they think that they’ve brought upon the negativity themselves.

5. “You are enough”

There’s a feeling of worthlessness that comes hand in hand with anxiety and people need constant reminders to know that they’re not useless and that they do have a place in the world.

6. “This is not happening inside your head”

It’s real. Whatever is happening to them is real. And not just a figment of their imagination.

7. “If you need a break, I can take over your work”

Because God knows that it’s tiring. And they do need breaks in the middle.

8. “There’s food waiting for you at home”

Food. Netflix. Reruns. They all make life just a little better.

9. “No matter what, know I’ll always love you, regardless”

Sounds like a bit much if you have to constantly say this to a person. But they need constant reassurances to actually believe in it. Because belief is a little weak when it comes to people suffering from anxiety.

10. “You are stronger than your fears”

Tell them that they’re stronger than anything they’re afraid of. Because they are. Just the fact that they woke up, got out of bed and managed to make their way out of the house is a big achievement in itself.

11. “You’ll always have place, here”

Let them know that they have a space safe, a sanctuary, to turn to if shit hits the roof.

12. “You matter”

Because they do. And it’s not because of some age-old cliche that says they exist because they’re all part of a plan. But they, as an individual, actually matter.

13. “Never ever doubt your worth”

Because. Just no. That’s not on. To think that you don’t have a place in the world, or that you’re not worth anything is a horrible horrible thing.

And if you’ve said all of the above, just be there for them. And let them know you are. If they need professional help, seek a psychologist for their help.


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