I Binge Watched The New Netflix Show “Sex Education” And Actually Learned A Lot

By Iman Zia | 16 Jan, 2019

New Netflix show ‘Sex Education’ is so much more than about sex. It’s about life, love, discovering yourself and is far from what I had expected it to be. The show joins the new millennial age of shows where we see a progressive, delightfully awkward bunch of teens just understanding sex.


We’re all meant to have sex, and while unfortunately in Pakistan we shy away from even the thought of discussing it, ‘Sex Education’ opens up about it.

The show proves to us that not everyone’s automated to even know how to have sex. And that’s the premise of the show – teens trying to maneuver their way to understanding precisely how to have it.

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Otis is a lovely awkward 16-year-old high school boy living in the gorgeous British countryside, who is a virgin and is terrified of the thought of having sex.

What makes things even more hilarious is that his single mother is a renowned sex and relationship therapist. She’s got the most hilarious jargon, so specific and so sexual for her sessions, it keeps Otis in a constant state of internal shock. Recluse and rebel Maeve is Otis’s classmate, who sees this as an opportunity to earn some money. She encourages him to open up a ‘sex clinic’ at school and charge students for his advice on their sexual and romantic struggles.

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Along with the comical side, there’s a lot of heart in the show, and you feel for the characters – they’re so relatable it’s very comforting!

Otis’s best friend is openly gay and isn’t afraid to show it, but knowing how cruel high school students can be, or even complete strangers – his individuality often comes at a price. While we have a lot of classic tropes within the show, with your usual jocks, outcasts, and nerds, it’s exceedingly real and genuine. You fall for the characters instantly, and I learned so much about sex, life, and love.

Source: Netflix


‘Sex Education’ is absolutely brilliant, and the first season has generated enough content to come back with a popping second season. While one 16-year-old is a sex addict, another’s trying to understand her body, with a few others just not ready. The show’s trying to tell you that it’s okay not to know much about sexuality, and yet at the same time, it really does educate you about sex.


Netflix isn’t coming in slow. The show is streaming now on Netflix!


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