13 Times You Said InshAllah But Definitely Didn't Mean It

By Atiya Abbas | 3 Jul, 2016

Saying InshAllah has become a national pasttime

Pakistanis love to start and end sentences with InshAllah. The phase means, ‘if God wills’ and most of the time we try to mean it from the depths of our hearts. However there are certain instances when we say it just to please the rishtedaar or that annoying uncle at a daawat when tbh we couldn’t have been feeling more contrary.


1. When an auntie at a shaadi asks if you’re next

“InshAllah aunty, bus aap dua kerain.” (NOT)

Source: Oriental Films / A-Plus Entertainment


2. When guests are leaving and you must be on your best behavior

“Zaroor wapis ayie ga.” *eyes the leftover samosas on the trolley*

Source: REDRUM Films / ARY Films


3. When friends make plans but you’d rather stay at home

“I’ll be there”

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4. When you got married yesterday and aunties be like, aur kab khush khabri mil rahi hai?

“InshAllah aunty, dekhain…” *backs away*

Source: Sadia Jabbar Productions


5. When PIA hostess tells you that InshAllah the plane is just about to take off

“jee flight time per hogi…”

Source: Sadia Jabbar Productions


6. When the boss asks for that report which was due two days ago

“Jee madam, Wednesday aap ke desk per ho gi”

Source: IRK Films


7. When you ask if Pakistan will ever get tabdeeli

bizarre childhood beleifs
Source: IRK Films


8. When your parents ask if you’re going to get an A on that math exam

“Bus ammi, inshAllah, aap dua kerain, A aye ga.”

Pakistani Bazaars
Source: IRK FIlms


9. When you tell yourself you’ll InshAllah fit into those skinny jeans by Eid


“Weight lose kerna hai… but after one more pakora.”

Via Tumblr


10. When you make every intention to InshAllah wake up early and make breakfast on Sunday

“Well, it is the intention that counts”

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11. When you tell yourself you’re going to InshAllah study hard this semester

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12. When you see that beautiful person at a friend’s shaadi and can’t help but say InshAllah in your heart

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13. When you say you’re going to become more productive in life from today

“Bas mein kar ke dikhaoun ga

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Do you catch yourself saying InshAllah a lot? Let us know.


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