Sania Maskatiya Showcased A Gorgeous Black & White Collection At The New York Fashion Week, And We're Stunned

By Arslan Athar | 14 Feb, 2019

Sania Maskatiya has always been a trailblazer in the Pakistani fashion space. This past September, she became the first Pakistani to ever be selected to show at the prestigious New York Fashion Week. She was chosen by the ‘Council Of Aspiring American Fashion Designers’ (CAAFD) and presented her western line by the name of ‘Sania Studio’.

This is a pretty grand stage, and for Sania to be chosen was a big deal.



It seems like Sania Maskatiya impressed as she was chosen to show her line again at the ‘Fall/Winter 2019’ New York Fashion Week.

Most fashion weeks in the world are ahead of the seasons, which is why fall and winter lines are being in the shown at the beginning of 2019. These shows dictate the trends that the world will follow. This showcase is no less important and Sania had an equal chance to show off her skills.


And she did not disappoint. 

Her collection played with black and white, and well I’m already sold because I’m all about that monochrome lifestyle.


Sania Maskatiya managed to marry Western fashion sensibilities with desi motifs and fabrics and made it look absolutely flawless. 


Her line was simply graceful and set the tone for a black and white winter.


You simply cannot take your eyes off these pieces.


Especially this number in black. The dress has so much movement going in, yet it seems so well tailored and flattering. 

Source: @maliharehman1 / Instagram


Her silhouettes, especially in black, were dramatic. There seem to be Shakespearean/ Victorian inspired mixed in with modern fashion tastes. 


Sania Maskatiya’s attention to detail is leaving me swooning. 


The work she displayed on white and her silhouettes in black were just hypnotic.

The intricacy of her kaam is clearly visible on these clothes.


It seems pretty safe to say that Sania Maskatiya knocked this out of the park too. 


Here’s looking forward to more amazing designs by Sania, both in her Western and Eastern lines.

Here Are The Most Stunning Looks By Sania Maskatiya Showcased At New York Fashion Week

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