Rishtay Wali Auntie Sanam Baloch Just Tried To Fix Tipu Sharif With Three Different Girls On Her Morning Show

By Iman Zia | 10 Jan, 2019

Morning shows will end us. Literally, they will end our wills to live. Sanam Baloch’s show Subh Saverey Samaa Kay Saath’ has always been a little odd to digest, but the latest episode was just a plain WTF. She invited actor Tipu Sharif and his mother, in a bid to find him a bride to marry…and she already had three very ‘different’ girls ready on the show for him to choose from.

We quickly realized it was all scripted, and that’s what made it all the more creepy…LIKE WTF IS GOING ON? Prepare yourselves.

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Sanam introduced Tipu Sharif and Zeba Shahnaz onto her show and immediately asked him why Tipu isn’t married yet.

He said he’s indecisive and never really thought about it, and Sanam joked that while he might not have thought about it, girls have definitely been thinking about it. The morning host immediately turned into a rishtay wali aunty after she told Tipu that she had invited three very ‘different’ girls for him to choose from…to marry.

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The three different women were called onto the set – one being ‘sharmeeli,’ another being ‘modern’ and the third one being ‘patakha.’

Sanam said that Tipu and Zeba would ask each of the three women questions and play various games in order to determine which woman Tipu would ultimately choose to marry. While ‘sharmeeli’ and ‘patakha’ wore ghoongats, Sanam asked the ‘modern’ girl why she wasn’t wearing one to which she said: “modern girls don’t wear ghoongats.”

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Each girl was questioned individually by Tipu, with odd inquiries like ‘aap ki sharam ki waja kya hai” to the ‘sharmeeli’ one.

The entire thing was awkward AF, and after a while, we finally got to see the girls, recognizing one of them as being Benita David (an actress) – she was the modern one who asked Tipu weird questions like “How are you,” and “how tall are you.” She then joked that Zeba was the woman from ‘Titanic’ LOLOLOLOL.

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Sanam asked Benita why she doesn’t speak Urdu, to which she responded that “modern girls don’t speak Urdu.”

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The patakha girl was chosen by Zeba after a number of weird games including chalkboards and phone calls (we really don’t want to get into those just for your sanity – and ours).

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After what felt like a lifetime of cringe, Zeba chose the ‘patakha’ one for Tipu, and they were FINALLY introduced to each other when Sanam forced him to get down on one knee and give her a rose.


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What came as an unfortunate shock to us was the host’s very traditional take on the entire situation, as she kept boxing various stereotypes regarding women and marriages throughout the entire episode.

This isn’t the first time Sanam has come under hot waters for her very illogical statements; recently she questioned Aamir Liaquat why his first wife hadn’t accepted his second wife.

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Here’s the full episode


What are your thoughts on this episode?


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