WOW, Okay, A PIA Attendant Was Removed From A Plane For Being Drunk On Duty

By Biya Haq | 10 Jan, 2019


Honestly, just as we thought that PIA was maybe getting their shit together, they took a nose dive into the opposite of getting their shit together.

A PIA flight attendant was just removed from a Lahore-bound flight for being drunk while on duty.

Source: DAWN

Are you JOKING?

The airline’s medical team paid a random surprise visit to the crew members in Karachi and apparently after noticing some off behaviour in a member, they got a medical checkup done and boom. Flight attendant Ghulam Muhammad Sarwar Chandio’s was found with alcohol in his system which was further confirmed by another crew member.

And okay, thank God it was the attendant rather than the pilot of the plane but still!! Hello!!? How is this allowed to happen and more so how DOES it happen?

Also, all we can picture is this.

Source: NBC

But all jokes aside, PIA is our national airline. Though most of us love to hate it and make fun of their ads and harkatein, this is pretty concerning.

In most recent news, PIA was reported to have suspended 16 pilots for holding fake degrees.

We obviously do not know how it works internally, but from the outside, it seems as though the entire management of PIA has been quite disappointing and when it comes to pilots and crew members who are meant to be assuring our safety, it is also to some degree, quite frightening.

Drunk attendants and pilots with fake degrees? We’ve fallen from the best to the worst.

What do you think of the incident? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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Cover photo source: CTV News/Dawn

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