People Are Making Jokes About The Ruet-E-Hilal Committee Because They Can't Wait For Eid

By Aam Nawab | 14 Jun, 2018

As we all know, the Ruet-E-Hilal committee collects at the end of Ramazan to hopefully sight the much-awaited Eid ka chaand. Now, over the years, this act itself has stirred the pot multiple times because of the various amounts of Eids Pakistan has had in its various regions. However, this isn’t just a local issue. Dunya bhar main bhi yehi chakkar hai.

Which brings us to these men – the Ruet-E-Hilal Committee – arguably the most powerful men this one day out of the entire year. 

Now, while people are waiting on the committee to announce ke kal BHI roza hai ya nahi – uh… I mean… kal Eid hai ya nahi, the impatience and anticipation has translated into some really funny tweets. Let’s dive right in:

1. Can’t even deny this. It’s 100% true. 

2. Then there’s this…

3. …and its variant. Lol?

4. I mean… he’s got a point. But we do it out of love, right? 



5. Aisa toh mat bolo. 

6. True that. 

7. LOL, the only team Pakistanis will ever want to support the day before Eid. 

8. Well… that IS quite a contraption. 

9. Seriously, lmao. It’s a bit much. 

10. This guy made a comeback.

Did anyone ever find out who he is?!

11. Honestly, no one likes this hide and seek ka chakkar.

12. Matlab…haan. Yehi chalta aaraha hai. 

13. With those glasses, I guess point toh hai.

14. Actually, yaar. Khwari toh mat karwao. 

15. If only this were true. 

16. This reminds me of my Pak Studies paper and now I feel personally attacked.

17. He gets what he can, I suppose.

18. LOL. Someone really doesn’t want to keep a roza tomorrow.

19. Lastly, I’ll leave you all with this gem.

Khair doston, Eid jab bhi ho – aap ko bohot mubarak. Have a great long weekend regardless. And let us know which joke you found the funniest!

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