This Singer Is Giving An “Angelic” Lesson In Women Empowerment

This Singer Is Giving An “Angelic” Lesson In Women Empowerment

This Singer Is Giving An “Angelic” Lesson In Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment is a rather controversial topic in Pakistan. There are those who believe in supporting women to achieve what they believe to be equal rights to men and there are those who think that women are better suited to their homes.

So all those people out there who work for women empowerment and gender equality (yeah we’re talking about you Hermoine Granger ) ain’t doing shit according to this auntie, who has just put internet on fire due to her feisty, exuberant and thrilling performance.

Singing Auntie


So the song is apparently about a women named Suzy

She was once a quintessential damsel in distress in the prime of her youth and now has had a reawakening. She has decided to not conform to societal norms and the big question becomes…


Is she or is she not?


Then Suzy takes on the world with her sexy moves

She wants you to know that she has curves better than Kim Kardashian


…and how her charm has made her irresistible to tharkii old uncles


Yeah well if the uncles can’t keep a control over themselves, Suzy ain’t nobody to get the blame.


SPOILER ALERT: Suzy does get the blame because it is a patriarchal society and women are the root cause of every kharabii in the pakeeza world.

*eyes roll*



However our Suzy doesn’t have any fucks to give and has a way to turn all them “bitches” green with envy.


The song, with rather eloquent English, teaches us a valuable lesson in life.


People had some interesting opinion about this song

Some thought it was an epic horror movie



While others compared this lovely lass to our local hero Taher Shah




And yet there were some who find all these tricks cheap *gasp*


Our advice to you: watch the song for yourself and then pass your judgement 🙂

we’d love to hear what your opinion on this new age reformist would be.

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