Ramiz Raja's Remarks About Imran Khan on Samina Peerzada's Show Have Pissed A Few People

By Fatima A | 31 May, 2019

Ramiz Raja bhai making comments about Imran Khan has rubbed people the wrong way

Ramiz Raja is no stranger to the Pakistani public. Renowned in his youth days for his fantastic cricket skills to currently being the top commentator in the country, Ramiz is truly a cricket fanatic in all sense of the word.


Recently, he made an appearance on Samina Peerzada’s web show in a tell-all episode

Source: Rewind with Samina Peerzada / YouTube

On the show, he spoke of his love for the game of cricket and shared some very interesting anecdotes from his life. Ramiz went into depth about his decision to retire and even opened up to what made him lean towards becoming a commentator. He revealed that for a long time he was of the view that commentators were typically “aged men” and hence as a relatively young man he had no business being one. It was only after he was encouraged by his brother that he decided to consider cricket commentary as a viable career option.


During the show, Ramiz also gave his thoughts on the political and social situation in Pakistan

Source: Rewind with Samina Peerzada / YouTube


When asked about his opinion on Imran Khan and his government, Ramiz was all praises and responded with, “Mark my words, he will succeed. “

According to Ramiz, “no matter what analysis is done” and despite there being the outrage of the marked decline in the economic conditions of the country, “He (Imran Khan) is bound to succeed. ” Ramiz went on to say “He will prove you wrong 1000 out of a 1000 times, just because he has pure intentions and is extremely hard working”.

Source: Rewind with Samina Peerzada / YouTube

Ramiz also went on to justify his firm belief in Khan, owing to it to the glorious 1992 world cup victory, “Imran Khan was the only person who kept saying that Pakistan will win the world cup in 1992, despite the early loses at the tournament, and we did win the world cup.”


This isn’t the first time Ramiz has publicly declared his blind faith in the leadership of Imran Khan

He’s taken to Twitter multiple times in the past to bash those who criticize Khan’s leadership.

According to Ramiz, basically Imran is the only hope for the country and people shouldn’t complain about his policies but rather “show grace and be patient”.


People didn’t take kindly to Ramiz’s comments on the show and the responses on the clip of him sharing his political views got some brutal responses

Now being supportive of your government is definitely a positive trait to embody but Ramiz’s unwavering blind support definitely comes across as problematic to some people. No one person is an infallible human and valid criticism of a person’s ability should be constructively taken into account rather than being brushed off.

Moreover, Ramiz’s enamor with Khan’s political persona stems from his respect for Imran that is earned from his charismatic cricket days. While sports fanboying is well and great, expecting great sportsmanship to translate to phenomenal political ability is definitely a fallacy. So it makes sense how some people were rubbed the wrong way.


People did not hold back in calling out this larger than life personality that PTI supporters had amalgamated for their leader.


They’ve also been roasting Ramiz bhai


However, some people still remained optimistic about Prime Minister Khan’s ability and voiced support for him and PTI


You can watch the rest of Ramiz’s interview with Samina Peerzada on YouTube and see for yourself what to make of it

So, what side of the coin do you like on regarding the comments Ramiz Raja made about Imran Khan? Do you have an unwavering belief in the abilities of Khan or do you believe that no leader should be absolved from criticism no matter how much they make you swoon? Let us know in the comments below.


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Cover image via: Rewind with Samina Peerzada / YouTube

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