Ramiz Raja Just Accepted Responsibility Over Sarfaraz Ahmed’s Latest Controversy But People Are Still Being Brutal

By Rameeza Ahmad | 25 Jan, 2019

Even Ramiz Raja couldn’t talk his way out of this one. 


Sarfaraz Ahmed recently came under fire for using a racial slur against South African cricketer Andile Phehlukwayo. His comment made on the pitch was caught by the stump mic and heard by everyone. When the comment is made, you can hear Ramiz Raja’s co-commentator asking for a translation for what the Captain of the Pakistan cricket team has just said.


Even though Sarfaraz apologized for his comments, people are not being very forgiving

Sarfaraz even went directly to Phehlukwayo to apologize for his racial slur.

Ramiz Raja, who was a commentator at the time the incident occurred during the match, opted not to give a verbatim translation of Sarfaraz Ahmed said and merely stated that Sarfaraz was calling the South African batsman ‘lucky’.


People were upset that Ramiz Raja tried to play off the comment casually by making the matter light


But there were also those who commended Ramiz Raja on how he handled the sticky situation that could become way too serious if he had chosen to translate Sarfaraz word-for-word


To clear the air, Ramiz Raja made an official statement, accepting his part in the scandal

He starts off by saying that what Sarfaraz He talks about how if he translated everything the stump mic caught, it would be uncouth and vulgar.

He further says that he has decided he will never be translating anything caught on the stump mics in Urdu to English.

But people were still brutal.


Unfortunately for Ramiz, people do not seem to be very forgiving of how he handled the situation, with a language company even poking fun at the situation.

Source: Berlitz Pakistan via Facebook.com


A lot of people, however, were not fans of how the brand used the situation for their marketing.

Source: Berlitz Pakistan via Facebook.com

But the damage is done and hopefully, lessons were learned by everyone involved and similar situations will be avoided in the future.


You can watch Ramiz Raja’s entire explanation for his translation here:


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