Quetta Just Got The First Snowfall Of 2020 And It Looks Like A Winter Wonderland

By Maryam Khalid | 2 Jan, 2020

Quetta had snowfall and now everything’s covered in a white blanket

We are standing at the beginning of a new decade hoping for all sorts of successes and rewards. Quetta has already been blessed, you guys. Yesterday, it witnessed the first breathtaking snowfall of 2020.


The beautiful city of Quetta saw snowfall for the first time in 2020 as well as this Winter season


Despite temperatures dropping to a new low, the people of Quetta had a blast with the snowfall

Quetta has become the top trend on social media because people started to share pictures and videos of the amazing weather.

Via: Twitter


After Quetta got snowfall, the scenery brought out the very best in the city

The snow shrouded the entire city and transformed it into something direct out of some old-school romance novel.


The sheets of snow definitely look promising for building little snowmen

And we would actually love to see some Olafs out there.


We just wanna know how the people are coping with the extreme thandd right now

Meanwhile, the entire country is frozen right now, minus the snowfall.

The first snowfall of the year has transformed the area into a beautiful wonderland. We wish Quetta all sorts of snowball fights and snow angels. The scenic snowfall is definitely an experience for a lifetime.


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Cover image via Asmatullah Kakar / Dawn.com

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