Innovative Butter Crunch Brings Turkish Ice-Cream To Pakistan

By MangoBaaz Studio | 2 Jan, 2020

The festive season kicks off with Innovative Butter Crunch Stall at Soul Fest taking place at Lake City, Lahore. With many food stalls and exciting music performances – Innovative Biscuits also brought a special treat for all visitors coming to their booth who were looking forward to it and weren’t left disappointed at all!


This time around, Innovative Butter Crunch brought the very famous Turkish Ice-cream to Pakistan for the first time

Customers eagerly queued up to get a pack of Innovative Butter Crunch, and then proceeded to get their free ice cream with a treat. The Innovative Turkish Ice-cream man left customers in fits of laughter with his antics and pranks.

Source: Innovative Biscuits

Imagine a world where you are getting free ice cream but it just isn’t about preparing to eat a frozen treat, but also about the ice cream man pulling entertaining pranks at your expense. That is exactly what went on at Innovative Butter Crunch’s stall! The Turkish vendor served up an impressive array of sleight of hand tricks and other lighthearted torments before finally handing the visitors their treat. Visitors also got a taste of pure Turkish ice cream, “Dondurma”, which is a little different from western ice cream as it is creamy, sweet, stretchy and sticky at the same time. Everyone enjoyed a taste of the delicious Innovative Butter Crunch at the booth along with their ice cream.


Visitors also got a chance to feel like royalty at the Innovative Butter Crunch Photo booth

They dressed up in royal costumes and posed with props like swords and crowns at the throne. They truly got to experience the Innovative Butter Crunch’s world of Maskapur.

Source: Innovative Biscuits

Umair Mustafa, Head of Marketing at Innovative Biscuits said, “I’m really excited about the Innovative Biscuits’ stall at Soul Fest this year. We flew in the ice-cream man from Turkey to spread joy and happiness amongst our customers and at the same time create an exciting product experience. This activity has never been done in Pakistan before and we are hoping to take this forward with integration to our new brand, Innovative Butter Crunch.”


About the brand

Innovative Biscuits, takes pride on their commitment to innovation with quality, and steadily revolutionizing the market, one biscuit at a time. Their team of innovators shares the company’s philosophy and vision to always spearhead innovation, and translate their love for biscuits into biscuits loved by all! Innovative Biscuits has multiple products including:



Butter and crunch? Yes, you read that right! Pick me up and prove your taste buds that something so deliciously buttery mixed with premium oats can be so crunchy!

Source: Innovative Biscuits



Packed with the goodness of whole wheat, Innovative Digestive biscuits are the perfect mix of health and taste. Their USP is the guilt free indulgence of INNOVATIVE Digestive as it is wheat based, has brown sugar and free from artificial flavors and colors. Innovative Digestive biscuits let you indulge to your heart’s content, guilt-free!



A burst of flavor with a delicious, smooth-textured cream nestled between the crunchiest wafers is what gives Innovative Crust wafers a taste like no other!  It comes in 3 flavors, chocolate, strawberry and Orange.



Milk, glucose, and calcium join forces with their power of three to fuel your imagination and unlock a world of adventures! High in nutrition, INNOVATIVE Jumbo Junior biscuits are made with the best of ingredients and Jumbo Junior’s latest campaign has at the heart of it, the awareness of making a difference. They have chosen to focus on the challenges that our environment currently faces by way of global warming whilst empowering children with the awareness to tackle it.

Source: Innovative Biscuits

For more information and more products, visit Innovative’s Facebook or Instagram.


Cover image via: Innovative Biscuits

This post was sponsored by Innovative Biscuits.

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