QB Paired Up With An International Artist For The World Cup's Official Anthem And Just OMG

By MangoBaaz Studio | 18 Jun, 2018

Remember when Waka Waka came onto the scene and Shakira pretty much cemented that song in all of our minds? Well, that’s probably about to change real quick, all thanks to our very own, Quratulain Balouch, aka QB. How, you ask?

Well, she’s collaborating with an international artist for the official anthem of FIFA 2018. So there’s that, you know.

Source: tribune.com.pk

Yep, our girl QB’s out there making us proud. 

Via gifer.com

Oh, and the international artist? It’s Jason Derulo. 

Source: forbes.com

Facilitated by Coca-Cola, the anthem is called, ‘Colors.’ Not only is it SUPER catchy and fun, it’s also got a great message. The aim is to promote the concept of unity. Moreover, the song explores the importance of celebration and coming together as a large community, despite all differences.

Oh and btw, we may have some pictures for you guys.

Via Tumblr

Let’s take a minute and appreciate the beauty that is QB.

Source: Coca-Cola

I mean, what a rockstar.

Source: Coca-Cola

I feel blessed just looking at these pictures.

Source: Coca-Cola

Look at all the ~colors~ (Lol okay sorry)

Source: Coca-Cola

Also…Salaam, Jason bhai.

Source: Coca-Cola


Lookin’ great. 

Source: Coca-Cola

Honestly, this looks great. Like visually, I’m done. Waka Waka kaun?

Source: Coca-Cola


Literally me rn wondering why no one thought of this before.

Source: Coca-Cola


Thank you for this, QB.

Source: Coca-Cola

Aap ka bhi shukria, Jason.

Source: Coca-Cola

I’m here for this collab.

Source: Coca-Cola

You can watch this epic video here:

"COLORS" – QB ft. Jason Derulo

Get #Ready to Chak De Phattay as Coca-Cola presents the #FIFAWorldCup2018 anthem “Colors” by Jason Derulo & QB!

Gepostet von Coca-Cola am Montag, 18. Juni 2018


Once you’re done, let us know what you guys think about this collab in the comments below.

This post has been sponsored by Coca-Cola Pakistan. 

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