Punjab Education Minister Murad Raas Just Got Diagnosed With COVID-19 & Students Can't Stop Pointing Out The Irony

By Noor | 15 Feb, 2021

Earlier today Punjab Minister for Education Murad Raas announced his COVID-19 diagnosis

It has been a long time since the lockdown restrictions were eased and educational institutes were allowed to start operating all over the country. However, even before this, people all across the country have essentially assumed that the pandemic doesn’t exist anymore, for some reason, and not a lot of people appear to be following precautions anymore.


Earlier today, the provincial Minister of Education Punjab, Murad Raas announced his COVID-19 diagnosis, saying that he has tested positive for coronavirus

He further told the ones who came in contact with him to get themselves tested too.


Naturally, students who have been voicing their concerns regarding reopening of educational institutions without a care for precautions couldn’t help but comment about Murad Raas and his COVID-19 diagnosis

People lamented the situation, saying that the Minister himself couldn’t ensure proper precautions yet wanted to keep educational institutions open without much precautionary measures being followed in true spirit anywhere.


A few even stated that this all is a result of bad dua following the poor treatment given to students by the authorities during this pandemic


Some even got carried away and termed it as karma


Even a few teachers joined in

Via: Facebook


People also questioned why he had been displaying reckless behavior when out and about before his diagnosis

Via: Facebook
Via: Facebook


Some people even wondered if Murad Raas, with his COVID-19 diagnosis, would now understand the gravity of the situation for students and teachers


Students wanted their voices to be heard and used Murad Raas getting his COVID-19 diagnosis as a means to plead to shut down the educational institutes


A few also highlighted that despite people’s lack of care everyone’s equally prone to the virus and yet the Minister continues to risk lives of teachers and students

They basically pointed out that no one, including the honorable minister himself, as has been seen now, can protect themselves against the virus if they continue gathering together in large numbers.

Here’s wishing Dr. Raas a speedy recovery and here’s hoping that the authorities really start taking the ongoing pandemic seriously so they can become the role models for its citizens who start to care for their own lives and those of the others around them


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Cover image via: Dr. Murad Raas / Facebook

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