People Are Pissed After IBA Karachi Just Told Its Students They Won't Get Any “Leeway In Attendance” If They Catch Coronavirus

By Umme Hani | 3 Sep, 2020

IBA Karachi has issued rules regarding coronavirus when institutions open and people are pissed

Recently students of the Institute of Business Administration (IBA) were completely taken aback by the absurd on-campus SOPs issued by the management.


IBA Karachi just issued coronavirus guidelines that have pissed off more than a few students

Students will not be allowed leaves on medical grounds upon contracting the coronavirus, as per the guidelines.

“As you are aware, the educational institutions are expected to reopen on September 15, 2020, subject to strict adherence to SOPs. The Institute would like to remind its students that although the Covid-19 cases are declining in the country, it is by no means over. Any carelessness on our part is likely to increase the spread of the virus. Therefore, it is crucial that we take appropriate preventative measures and take all the necessary SOPs to avoid the risk of spreading the virus,” the notification read.

Here is a little snap of the ‘SOPs’:

As per the policy, “A failure to maintain attendance up to the mandatory 83pc mark will result in the student being awarded an ‘F’ grade in the attendance deficient course.”


Students have started a petition against the IBA Karachi coronavirus guidelines for being absolutely absurd


People are mad that IBA Karachi wouldn’t give leave due to coronavirus, let alone leave due to any medical condition


There are demands from people not to open IBA, when the Government opens institutions on September 15 because they aren’t taking responsibility of their students

People are saying that an institution of the caliber of IBA can be run online until there is definitive safety that can be insured for all students.

Moreover there are demands to ensure that the Institution is held responsible for the safety of its students because, IBA, while enforcing physical classes only, is not even taking responsibility of its students when and if they do catch the coronavirus.

Let’s just hope IBA shows enough ghairat to reconsider its “well-thought-out” SOPs because clearly the virus has not been “beaten”, yet.

With all educational institutions set to open on September 15 and there having been no medically approved research or study into what has really happened with the cases in Pakistan and how safety can really be ensured in closed quarters in educational institutions across the country, sab ka Allah hee hafiz hai.


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