Maryam Nawaz Is Getting Trolled By Pakistanis For Being A Little Too Dramatic On Social Media

By Janita Tahir | 2 Sep, 2020

Maryam Nawaz is getting trolled for her recent social media antics

Maryam Nawaz, like most politicians, has often been the butt of jokes by Pakistanis, which is why not many people were surprised when she again found herself in the spotlight recently.


Maryam Nawaz just landed herself as the butt of many, many jokes after her recent comments on social media

It all started with a tweet by Uzma Zahid Bukhari, a fellow PML-N politician who praised Vice President of PML-N, Maryam Nawaz, for calling an impromptu crowd in Islamabad. Maryam replied with, “Uzmi mein khud hairan ho gai” and expressed her absolute surprise on being able to get such a crowd despite the fact that it was raining and early morning. Of course, there was also the threat of coronavirus but she conveniently forgot about that (like literally almost everyone in Pakistan).

What might have been a harmless comment by Maryam, soon became a Twitter trend, as people attached all sorts of jokes.


Pakistanis, being habitual trolls, quickly set out to make hilarious memes out of it

Pakistanis hardly miss the opportunity to troll anyone. Even better, if it’s a politician like Maryam Nawaz. Soon, tweets upon tweets with funny memes and one-liners started pouring in on Twitter.



People were quite quick to call out the theatrics by Maryam Nawaz

People thought her use of wording was quite dramatic, even though, a lot of pictures have surfaced since then where the place she is holding the jalsa doesn’t even look that filled with people.


Of course, Nawaz Sharif took a few hits too

Because, why not?


People also related the Maryam Nawaz jokes to their own situations

Well, all the jokes weren’t aimed at Maryam Nawaz. A few took that hashtag to express their own emotions on certain things…


Uzma herself was not spared from the memes

Naturally, as the person who was the catalyst for starting this trend, Uzma had a few memes directed her way too. People joked about how she must be feeling right now.

While some may be obviously be offended at their favorite politician getting trolled, at least it’s nice to realize that she isn’t being trolled for any corruption charges or political incompetence, so at least this is something harmless. Right?

Do you think it’s all fun and games or are people going too far because of a simple comment? After all, surely Pakistanis have better things to do, one would assume. Let us know.



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