Maryam Nawaz Just Got Majorly Trolled By The Awaam For Calling Imran Khan A ‘Chor'

By Rameeza Ahmad | 26 Jul, 2019

Maryam Nawaz is getting majorly trolled for her tweet.

Maryam Nawaz has been on a tour of the country as she rallies for her father and his party, PML-N. Her claims are that the 2018 Pakistan General Election was rigged and Imran Khan won by tampering with the results and hence he ‘stole’ peoples votes.

In her recent tweets, she even refers to the Prime Minister and his government as a ‘vote chor’.

Moreover, Maryam Nawaz decided to post a graphic on Twitter declaring Imran Khan as the ‘selected’ Prime Minister and implying that he stole peoples’ votes.

But of course, people saw this as a prime trolling opportunity and decided to tell her she was wrong and Imran Khan was indeed who they voted for, against all odds, and even at the risk of jeopardizing personal gains.

Like this guy who evaded death 

And this guy who traveled all the way from London

This dude had a job interview

Other people tweaked the image she posted.

Some had hilarious stories they wanted to share which were obviously farfetched and classic trolls.

Matlab, you can’t beat Pakistanis in humor.

All in all, Maryam Nawaz probably got more than she bargained for when she tweeted this out. Hopefully even Maryam Nawaz got a few chuckles out of these top class trolls.

What do you think about this? Let us know in the comments below!


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